The unbearable lightness of …light?

Prism Light is very strange stuff. What is it? To be honest, we (Physicists) really don’t know, exactly. But that is not going to stop us; we will teach you about the properties of waves, using light (and sound) to demonstrate various phenomena.

Physics is both a theoretical and practical subject, and you must cast aside any ideas you have about physics being easy, either because “I am good at science” or “It is math-y and I’m good at mathematics”. Physics is one of the hardest of the sciences and will require a great deal of work and effort from you. In class we will do many experiments, and you will be required to write reports on them (Practical Rubric 2008), in order to help you understand and explain what you see. This is the often the hardest task in high school physics – to explain what is happening in a particular situation clearly, completely and concisely.

Don’t be worried about the workload – Physics is cool!

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