A Breaking Wave of Physics.

Crime Waves Waves are everywhere around us at all times. There are light waves, sound waves, water waves, pressure waves – waves are an essential part of physics. Waves are a way of transferring energy without transferring mass. To put it more simply, I could transfer energy to you by throwing a medicine ball at you which you catch (transfers mass to you)- knocking you backwards (thus transferring energy to you), or I could transfer energy to you by tying a rope to you and then whipping the rope (you don’t gain mass, but you do gain energy).

You need to be aware that it is unlikely that everything you hear in class will make sense immediately; you will have to work to review what is taught and seek clarification in order to complete your understanding. You will need to seek support to help you achieve the best possible outcomes. There are many places you can look for this support:

  1. From me, (your teacher) (Board notes)
  2. From your classmates (by forming a study group)
  3. From other teachers at Balwyn High (They will explain things differently than I, and sometimes this will make more sense to you)
  4. From your family (explaining what you know to them, you will clarify your own understanding)
  5. From the class notes and your own additions (studying and annotating these will give you a different appreciation of the content) (Study) (Part 1) (Part 2) 
  6. From alternatives sources (Different textbooks – I advise reading at least 3 different books, From your tutor, from friends at different schools)
  7. From the internet (This can be risky, as you cannot guarantee the quality of information – either appropriateness (some sources may be too advanced) or correctness (some sources may be plain wrong). Here are two sources which are good:
    1. The Physics Classroom: This is a good source for explanations.
    2. Hyperphysics: A good source for the connections between concepts.
    3. The VCAA Physics Page: A primary source for information about your course.
    4. The Bored of Studies Forum; A student forum that can be helpful (sometimes)
    5. The Physics Game Page: I’m studying! Honest!

See you in class.

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