Total Talent Tryout!

STSpic Science can be as much of an art as a knowledge – it requires talented creative and imaginitive people at least as much as it needs the knowledgeable and intelligent. Better yet are those that combine all of these traits. The Science Talent Search is run by the Science Victoria, and has been run for 56 years. Competing in the STS is a great way to try out that idea you have always wondered about – perhaps you have always wanted to find out exactly how far a frisbee can be thrown…

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– or maybe you want to know which fruit makes the best battery? Whatever you want to investigate could be a STS entry! You could be artistic, and design a poster, or express yourself through a story. You can unleash your inner engineer and build a working model, or bring out your competitive side to design a board, card or computer game!

This year, the theme is Planet Earth – Planet of Change, and entries can explore any idea related to this can be entered. Read the entry guidelines at the STS website and see your teacher to discuss what you want to do. But remember the most important thing is to HAVE FUN!

See you in class! 

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