Give me an "R"!

Studying Give me an “E”! Give me a “V”! Give me an “I”! Give me a “S.I.O.N”! What does it spell? Well – I hope you  know the answer to that one! but you may not know the answers to some other things! With exams coming up, this is a generic open post for all of my students. Whatever you want me to cover in revision sessions – this is the place to tell me. Just make sure that you include your name, your class and no more than three specific topics.

What was that? Specific topics, you say?

I do say! You need to be very precise about what you need me to cover – it is no good to say “bonding” when what you actually want to know about is how the physical properties of metals is related to type of bonding that metals have. So be specific – that way I can make sure that all the time that we have is specifically useful!

Listen to the pig! But hold your breath at the end – pigs have very bad manners!

See you in class!

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3 Comments on “Give me an "R"!”

  1. Henry Says:

    Hi Mr. G
    I’m Henry Rhim in 10D
    I was just wondering…
    What are discrete molecular substances?
    The book doesn’t really explain it with a clear definition
    Thank you

  2. mrgrichting Says:

    Hi Henry,

    A discrete molecular substance is a type of matter in which all the particles are the same type. For example, pure water consists of H2O molecules and nothing else. Other examples include Oxygen gas (made up of O2) and Hydrogen gas (made of H2). Substances like iron (made up of Fe atoms) and silicon (made of Si atoms) are not discrete molecular substances because they are not made up of molecules but simple atoms.

  3. Henry Says:

    Hi MR G
    Okay I get them now
    The site helped as well
    Thank you


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