Revision Resources Regularly Right!

Capital Caligraphic R Revision Resources for all of my students! Revision is very important, but using it well is even more important. Here is my advice for using revision exams:

  1. Download and print all documents
  2. As you have only two practice exams, use the first one to check your knowledge. to do this, complete your revision and then complete the first test with your resources open (i.e, your text book, note book and any allowed exam resources)
  3. Check your answers, and identify any mistakes you made.
  4. Classify the mistakes – silly mistakes (those you shouldn’t have made) and wrong mistakes (mistakes that you didn’t know were wrong)
  5. Consider what you can do to avoid the silly mistakes, and study what you didn’t know.
  6. Use the second exam to time. Only allow yourself the time the exam gives to practice your pace.

Here they are:

First, Physics (STAV 2008-1, STAV 2008-1 Solutions, NEAP 2008, NEAP 2008 Solutions)

Now, Maths (Math Exam details, Maths 2006sem1 exam, Maths 2006sem1 exam answers, Maths 2007sem1 exam, Maths 2007sem1 exam answers)

And finally, Science: (S1 revision worksheet 1, S1 revision worksheet 2, Science Exam S1-2005, Science Exam S1-2006Science Exam S1-2007)

And finally, since I promised, the Soulja boy performance video is on my Facebook page.

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2 Comments on “Revision Resources Regularly Right!”

  1. Han Says:

    hey mr. g,

    the exam was a bit long and the marking scheme was a bit strange. most of my other exams were out of about 65-75 marks so i knew exactly how much i needed to write for 1 question etc., but physics was something like 120 which threw me off a bit as i didn’t know how much i needed to do to get the marks.


  2. Joseph Says:

    Hey Mr G
    the physics exam was a bit long the physics revision were good
    but they did not quite tell us what to expect or give a rough idea what the physics exam
    might be like.
    see you in classs !

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