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Wanted: Posters!

July 15, 2008

Posters are often assigned to students to present information they have learned in a different format. Transforming or presenting knowledge and information in different styles is difficult to do, but Posters are particularly difficult to do… well.

Posters are a visual communication medium, and the organisation of graphics, images, colours and shapes are a critical part of the communication, and you must consider the principles of visual design to develop a poster that is effective – and thus earns good marks!

Here are some hints on what not to do when designing a poster – Bad poster guidelines

Here are some hints on some things to consider when designing a good poster – Good Poster Tips

And here is the rubric for the poster – EM-Spectrum-Poster

See you in class!

The end of the Holidays collides with the start of Unit 2!

July 11, 2008

So it is the end of the Holidays, and time to get back to class. We continue our studies this term into Kinematics and Dynamics – the study of moving objects and the forces that create changes in movement. You were given a set of worksheets to practice with over the holidays (worked-answers-to-hewitt-holiday-sheets) – You should ensure that you have done these by the time you return – we will be referring to them in class and using parts of them to explain and explore concepts. the concepts presented through these sheets may make an appearance on tests for this unit of study, so if you are unclear on any of the issues, please make an appointment to see me to clarify and resolve the problem.

I have found a link to a youtube video that may be of interest – it is a combination of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Physics that should cause a great deal of groaning – but it is also a good explanation of the difference between elastic and inelastic collisions – something you have to know! Link to Biffy the Physics Slayer.