Wanted: Posters!

Posters are often assigned to students to present information they have learned in a different format. Transforming or presenting knowledge and information in different styles is difficult to do, but Posters are particularly difficult to do… well.

Posters are a visual communication medium, and the organisation of graphics, images, colours and shapes are a critical part of the communication, and you must consider the principles of visual design to develop a poster that is effective – and thus earns good marks!

Here are some hints on what not to do when designing a poster – Bad poster guidelines

Here are some hints on some things to consider when designing a good poster – Good Poster Tips

And here is the rubric for the poster – EM-Spectrum-Poster

See you in class!

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6 Comments on “Wanted: Posters!”

  1. EV@N Says:

    Sup Mr . G ?
    To be honest i have never done statistics much before and
    am getting a bit confused. I think if we went through some examples
    of drawing up statistical graphs or go over stem and leaf plots.
    Other than that class is OK and i think we have enough work
    to keep us busy for a while.

    from evan 😐

  2. Terrisa Says:

    Hi Mr. G
    Wow statistics can get confusing. Sometimes i get the
    terms mixed up but i am getting better. I’m not sure how
    well i did on the test so i won’t comment on it yet. Anyways
    i think class is good at the moment but i’d just like a bit more
    help sumtimes.

    terrisa 🙂

  3. Mr G Says:

    Hi Evan,

    Stats are difficult – because it is hard to interpret what the numbers can mean. We will do some board work to clarify the issues that we deal with.

  4. Owain Says:

    Hey guys,
    i agree.. stats are hard to do.. but classpad just makes life easy.. don’t even need to think!!!! all i’ve been doing in class so far is just typing in stuff onto the classpad then it just does all the work for me.. even the box and whisker thingy. Only thing i find annoying about stats is actually drawing the stem and leaf plots.. and graphs.


  5. Mark Says:

    hi mr G,

    do we need to laminate our science poster?


  6. Mark Says:

    Hi mr G,

    as we have started on Biology in particular about cells, the cell theory states on the sheet you gave us
    1. All living things are composed of cells.
    2. All cells are produced from pre-existing cells.

    But as i was reading another science book about cells, that book also states another part.
    Cells are the smallest units of living things.

    is that also part of the cell theory or not?


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