You can’t dodge this…

Matrices are a core part of Mathematical Methods – there is no way to avoid (dodge) this! You must learn the basics of matrix arithmetic (adding, multiplying by a constant, multiplying by another matrix, finding the determinant and inverse) and matrix algebra (solving for an unknown using inverses, managing transformations through matrices)

So what do you have to do to “Enter the Matrix” and make it your plaything? Well, the basic arithmetic and algebra are fairly simple – but you do need to practice – you familiarity with matrices should be the same as your skill with basic timetables – they are the same. Just like junior mathematics was based of simple timestable and basic algebra, Mathematical methods is based on the skills you develop through familiarity with matrices.  So get cracking!

Here are two powerpoints that will help you get a handle on working with matrices. Watch all of the first one, but the second one goes further than you need to understand (don’t worry about shear transformations, rotations or the applications at the end) (unless you want to…) (in which case, please consider arranging for an appointment with the school nurse).

And now a pair of videos to explain some more:

Remember everyone, one of the outcomes is use of appropriate technology – commenting on this blog could be part of demonstrating your technophilia…

See you in class!

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9 Comments on “You can’t dodge this…”

  1. lusiiana Says:

    so sir,
    is the sac going to be relates with matrices in parts of functions and relation chapter??
    and is there more complex steps that we have to do with matrices by using our CAS??

    thank u,

  2. lusiiana Says:

    thank you,
    but, do i get solution for this??

  3. aarony92 Says:

    Could I also have a copy of the solutions? If there are any?

    Thanks, Aaron

  4. tuna Says:

    thank you sir great help 😀

  5. sehkzual Says:

    Hey sir can you post up solutions for this practice test?

    Also can I get an extension for another 3 more lessons for my chapter 4 work?

    Hans Su.

  6. Loughlin Says:

    Those powerpoints were really useful in going over the stuff I learnt last year.

    Except rotational transformation- that stuff is crazy.

    I take it that those practice questions can also be useful for the 2011 students?

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Rotational transforms aren’t part of the curriculum; it’s just a foretaste of the torture awaiting you in university – mjust wait for the multidimensional deformations using tensor matrices…

      And yes, the questions are useful.

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