“Elementary, my dear Watson”

Detective Sherlock Holmes was known for his great skills in searching for clues and joining the dots together to solve the mystery. A linear graph is exacltly that, plotting the points, and then joining the dots together to create a straight line. What would Sherlock Holmes do to figure out what a linear graph was, and how would he’d recognise if the graph was linear without actually drawing it?

A linear graph is simply a straight graph. To tell if an equation is linear by just looking at it, the feature you look at is that the “X” is not raised to an exponent higher than 1, so you will get the an equation in a form of y= mx + c

The horizontal number line is called x-axis and the vertical number line is called y-axis, which are drawn on a cartesian plane.

The point of intersection of the two number lines is called origin which occurs at (0,0).

If we were to generalise this equation of y = mx + c and begin to substitute in values of X. We can clearly see that by increasing the value of “X” the value of “m” will also increase by that amount. And for where X is zero, the point on the Y axis will be “c”, since mX will equal zero, and Y therefore will equal c.

If X is: Then Y is:
0 0m + c
1 1m + c
2 2m + c
3 3m + c
4 4m + c
5 5m + c
6 6m + c

Now knowing what a linear equation looks like and how it should look on a graph, lets actually get the ball rolling and begin by practicing plotting the points on a graph with a game.

After drawing the axis, labelling them, plotting the points all you have to do is connect the dots and your mystery is solved!

See you in class!

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3 Comments on ““Elementary, my dear Watson””

  1. lusiiana Says:

    love the game sir. =D
    it’s awesome.

  2. Jesse B Says:

    took me a minute to actually figure out what i was doing, but once i did it wasnt too hard heh.

  3. khoa&khaylee Says:

    hey sir, good stuff on here.
    is it okay if khaylee and i get an extension for a week for chapter 4. thanks sir. see you tomorrow.

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