Oops… Was that your battleship? (updated!)

The space on which linear functions are drawn is sometimes called the X-Y Plane, because it is made up of two number lines at right angles – the horizontal numberline (X -axis) and the vertical numberline (Y-axis), and defines a flat 2- dimensional area (a plane). It is properly known as the Cartesian Plane, named by RenΓ© Descartes. You may be familiar with games that use a similar system, like Battleship. Battleship isn’t quite a Cartesian Plane, since it uses letters on the horizontal axis. A game that uses the cartesian plan better is Bug hunt – which requires you to find the shortest path (via “manhattan distance” – you don’t have to understand this, but it is interesting!)

But before we can get to playing with the algebra of lines on a cartesian plane, we need to master some simple algebra first – the algebra of expansion and factorisation. We need to be able to deal with distributive law – the rule for multiplying brackets (1, 2, 3) like this:

Here is a video to remind you of this process. Don’t worry if this feels simple to you… It *will* get harder!

Here are a pair ofΒ  “games” for you to play with (1, 2).

How to find a square root manually, using a variant of the perfect square identity: Square Roots

See you in class

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11 Comments on “Oops… Was that your battleship? (updated!)”

  1. Jack Says:

    Thanks for the info πŸ™‚ And very interesting games πŸ˜€

  2. CyberChalky Says:

    Hi Jack,

    Have you checked the update about finding the square root manually?


  3. Anthony Vuong Says:

    My maths online dosnt work. 😐
    My username: av1367
    password: past31
    But it still dosnt work, help me (Y)

  4. alanky Says:

    Hey Sir, sorry for disturbing you, but for the MathsOnline thing do we only have do the three topics on there (Like terms, Multiplication, Common Factor)? Then we’re done?

  5. Deanna Says:

    Factorising game is pretty good sir i got the hang of it straight away πŸ˜€

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