X Factor HPSC!

Australian Idol, Australia’s got Talent – you might never get a chance to get on one of these, but you get a chance to be involved in some x factoring!

OK, bad jokes aside what use is this topic? It seems like it is completely useless – when will you ever have remove a common factor from an expression? Well, it depends on what you are doing for a job, but the basic idea of making equations simpler sounds like a good idea to me!

Well let’s get the video show on. Turn off the lights, please!

WordPress is currently blocking playlists from youtube so, follow this direct link to see the set of videos on youtube.

Here is nice work through of different types of factorisation

Finally, a game for you to play with to practice some factorisation. If you want a chance to earn a bonus point, the highest three scores recorded with a screenshot will earn a point.

Another one! Last one, very advanced difficulty level.

See you in class!

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5 Comments on “X Factor HPSC!”

  1. Jack Says:

    😀 Aced the 10 factoring questions! 😀 I like these 😛 The alien one was kinda confusing at first, but now im getting the hang of it 🙂 The last one is very helpful.!
    Thanks for the games 😀

  2. Anthony Vuong Says:

    I dont get the video :S

  3. Anthony Vuong Says:

    Sir can you please tell me what an Identies was agian?
    Is it the perfect square and difference of perfect squares?

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