To all my classes:

I am at home taking care of sick family, unfortunately this means I can’t be there for you at school.

I expect all of you to contact me if you need to ask a question; I’ve set up a MSN account with messenger for this week if you need to ask a question. The address is:

Here are the necessary files and information for each class:


Light pages

Light Notes (1,2,3,4)

I expect each student to have read all the notes above, and completed the first two sheets of the “Light Pages” worksheets.

Maths Methods

Good luck on the outcome everyone; ask questions if you need help!

Year 10 Maths

You have all been assigned work to do; please remember that I will be checking your bound references.

See you all in class in seven days!


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3 Comments on “Sick…”

  1. Jack Says:

    Hope your family gets well soon :D:D

  2. Anthony Vuong Says:

    Sir, I am having trouble with maths online, it is too hard. D:

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