Circling the drain – Geometry is going to drain your will to live!

Circles have fascinated since the beginning of time – cave art includes circular designs, early humans arranged giant stone circles such as stonehenge, Greek mathematics, Mandalas, Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, all the way through to crop circles, as shown on the left. For those of you of the opinion that crop circles are alien-created messages, please re-think!.

As part of your studies of mathematics, you have to learn the definitions of circle sections, as well as a set of circle theorems that explain the different relationships between angles within a circle.

Here is a video that goes through the different circle theorems; you will want to watch the second part as well:

Here are some links that will help you develop your bound reference:

Circle Theorems

More Circles

Even More Circles

But this one is the best.

See you in class!

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4 Comments on “Circling the drain – Geometry is going to drain your will to live!”

  1. Jack Says:

    Hello sir, question?
    What does it mean on the theory rubric, “background sources” ? We didnt do any research to find techniques to do the experiment. Unless we cite u as a source. šŸ˜› Thank you!

  2. Jack Says:

    Wait nvm!

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