Mathematical limbo – or getting under the line!

Have you ever tried to limbo? Bending over backwards, contorting yourself to get under a low stick? You know you have – if you think you haven’t you’re probably just repressing the memories!

Calculus is just the same, except the limbo stick is a function (possibly on fire, and definitely covered in sharp spikes). Instead of bending over backwards and ruining your spine, you have to twist, torment and contort your brain in order to force the function to reveal the area between it and the axis. But don’t worry – you can do this – after all, you’ve survived Maths Methods this far!

Fortunately, “Integration” the process by which calculate the area between a function and an axis is a lot simpler than this – and involves less potential to burn yourself. The basic integration formula is:

Furthermore, we don’t do anything nearly as complex as we do with differentiation – no related rates, no chain rules, no product or quotient rules – just a few simple identities to record in your bound reference and *understand* – so you can use them in your outcome.

Here’s a link to video that covers the *entirety* of secondary calculus in twenty minutes – hang on to your heads!

And I know you have all finished watching the calculus phobe animations, right?

See you in class!

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