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There may be a Method to your Madness…

January 25, 2011

But you have to avoid madness in your methods. It is time.

Time to get ready for Year 12 Mathematical Methods.

So what do you have to do to be ready? Well that is an easier answer than you might expect – some of you have already have done it

What is this most important thing?

It is your bound reference – your key to achievement in Methods this year.

You already have a bound reference from Year 11 – what you must be doing at this point is reviewing and completing all your notes from 2010.

This means that you must have a organisation system, so when you wish to find a particular piece of information, you can turn to it directly and not have to search for it. If you do not have an organised bound reference, you must have one ready by the start of the second week.

Regulations on what a bound reference may contain and what rules apply are available at the VCAA website, here.

The best reason to make sure your bound reference is up to date is so you don’t have to do this:


Physical and Mental Torture

January 9, 2011

No Jokes now. Physics is *the* most demanding subject you will study this year. You will have to be determined to succeed if you want to do well.This means that you must be disciplined, ensuring that you come to each class prepared to learn, prepared to work.

This is more than being on time to class with all of your equipment – you must have completed all assigned tasks, pre-read the necessary notes and textbook sections, and be ready to ask questions about that which you didn’t understand – and there will be things you don’t understand. Physics will bend your mind and break your will. You will struggle throughout this year, be frustrated, exhausted and confused.


If you want to pass, I guarantee you will.


You have to want it.