Physical and Mental Torture

No Jokes now. Physics is *the* most demanding subject you will study this year. You will have to be determined to succeed if you want to do well.This means that you must be disciplined, ensuring that you come to each class prepared to learn, prepared to work.

This is more than being on time to class with all of your equipment – you must have completed all assigned tasks, pre-read the necessary notes and textbook sections, and be ready to ask questions about that which you didn’t understand – and there will be things you don’t understand. Physics will bend your mind and break your will. You will struggle throughout this year, be frustrated, exhausted and confused.


If you want to pass, I guarantee you will.


You have to want it.

This means like anything else you desire, you have to work for it. You will need help – the help of your classmates, your teacher, and anyone else you can find.

You will have all the support you need from me – more than you want at times. But that will not be enough if you do not work yourself.

You can start by ensuring you have completed the assigned Holiday work – remember that was the following tasks, all to be finished and submitted by the end of week 1. Do not leave these until the start of term – you should have started it already – if not, get started now.

Here is the work – remember you can find the files at the Gmail Document Archive (hotlinked).

  1. Read the Textbook chapters and Student Notes
  2. Answer the questions in the student notes, and complete the Hewitt Worksheets
  3. Write your first practical report – use the data uploaded.

However, the most important thing is that you must immediately email me from an email address that you will read regularly. My address is grichting.andrew.f at

Finally, here is a video that discusses a technique of “active reading”. You must master the skill – this might help you start:

See you in class.

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29 Comments on “Physical and Mental Torture”

  1. Brendan Says:

    When you say you want us to complete the Hewitt notes, was that all of them and when you say the questions in the notes they were the questions in the School notes, not the textbook questions right? Thanks for that in advance! πŸ™‚

    • Brendan Says:

      I forgot to ask before but during class this year could we please study Aviation at some point because I would really like to study the area. See you in class!

      • CyberChalky Says:

        Hi Brendan,

        Detailed studies will be discussed later; I am open to discussing it with students and basing my decision on student input. The Aerodynamics unit is a bit simple though. It provides only the most trivial understanding of the physics of flight.

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Brendan,

      You have to complete at least the 5 pages on the Gmail Archive.

      And you are not yet expected to complete the textbook questions, only the questions in the study notes.

      The remaining Hewitt and Textbook questions will be part of Work Requirement 1 (Due at the end of the first three week cycle). You can start them if you wish…

  2. Jack Says:

    Great to finally see this post up πŸ™‚ Thank you! You make this subject sound so daunting, yet encouraging. Hope to see you in class πŸ™‚

  3. Lovleen Says:

    Sir, how long does the report need to be??

  4. darrren10 Says:

    Hey Mr. G, just got back from vietnam. to confirm, the study notes are due first lesson and the prac report is one week after the first week back? also i’m looking forward to your physics class (at least until you crush our brains into some sort of grey, sticky liquid) XD

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Darren,

      Study notes are due at the end of the first week (the second friday). The Prac is due first lesson of the second week.
      As to looking forward to class, I will passing your comment to the school counsellor. You obviously need immediate professional help!

  5. Andy Says:

    Ive only started the stuff today and im not looking forward to the homework but i am looking forward to learning the stuff, also Astrophysics would be a good topic to study if possible in the firs term or semester or whatever

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Andy,

      Good to see you starting up early – It’s a tough course, and there is a lot of homework, but generally if you do a bit each day (about 15 – 30 mins), you can keep ahead of the curve. I used to do it just before school/on the bus on the way to school. Just remember that things stack up fast in physics, and you need to set aside time for doing the pracs/major assignments/testprep as well as the questions.

      As to detailed studies, I generally do “Energy from the Nucleus” in Unit 1 – we can do it as part of the first topic, Radioactivity. It’s an easy-ish unit, and we can do it in 3 weeks, which means we get half of term one and three quarters of term two to do the harder unit of electricity. This generally means we can do our second detailed study before the holidays, so we have a full semester to do the Hell Run of Unit 2 (Motion & Light – the two hardest topics.).

      I do enjoy astronomy, tho. So maybe if enough of the students want to, and are willing to come back late enough to do an observation (about 11pm) we could do astronomy in Sem 1 and astrophys in Sem 2. Do you have a telescope/ good binoculars?

  6. sahil26 Says:

    Hello sir,
    I’ve done the questions in the student notes and just wondering how long the Practical report needs to be. And will i need to explain “half life” in the report??? .. If so.. not sure where i should put that in my report.. is conclusion a good place to explain half life??

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Sahil,

      Good to hear you’re ready to go and you’ve made sure you’ve read the notes actively and fully. The prac should be between 2 and 5 pages long, and if you read the rubric on the document archive, the theory behind the prac should be written about in the discussion section. The conclusion is where you respond to your statement of aim and whether the practical achieved those goals.

  7. darrren10 Says:

    Hey Mr.G, was the information collected for the prac report uploaded to the same place where you uplaoded the physics notes because it’s empty. no physics notes no nothing.

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Darren,

      Sure looks likes it to me. It’s the xls file called Radiaoactive M&Ms. I think it is on the second tab; the first one is from 2009 – but feel free to use it if you want to. Either combine it with the current year’s data or compare it.

  8. Brendan Says:

    Hi Sir!

    I’d just like to put in my requests for our detailed studies this year, I’d like Flight as my first choice and Astrophysics as my second.


  9. darrren10 Says:

    hey sir,
    for me i’m leaning towards astronomy or energy in the nucleus. i went to the vcaa website and downloaded the word document but it didn’t explain in detail about that detailed research so i was wondering what get’s covered in energy in the nucleus.

  10. Rares Says:

    Hi sir I’d like to put my choice for detailed studies. I’d like flight as first and astronomy as my second :D. Peace out

  11. Paolo Says:

    Hello Sir,

    I’ve looked at the choices we have for our detailed studies and have considered “Energy in the Nucleus,” as it seems relevant to the topic we are already studying.


  12. Chelsea Says:

    Hey Mr G.
    I had the same problem as Darren in the way that i wanted to know what each of the detailed studies covered. But i feel you’d know whats best for us to cover and what we can handle so I’m happy with what you choose.
    I’m not really decided on which topic I’d like, but i honestly dont mind which we do. I read that you said Astronomy is quite interesting and i like the idea of making that observation you spoke about.
    Or, energy in the nucleus considering its relevance with our current topic.
    Or possibly… Medical physics or sustainable energy sources? Depending on what they are sort of about as well.
    Thank you for taking in our opinions πŸ™‚

  13. Jack Says:

    Evening sir,

    I would like to request Astrophysics and Flight πŸ™‚ Always been interested in the fact that everytime we look into the night sky, we are looking into the past πŸ˜›

    I chose Flight because I like paper planes. No i’m kidding, its interesting since I love learning about the nature of air and how modern aircraft companies design their planes to be able to manipulate air with the use of aerodynamics in order to pull those giant beast into the skies.

  14. Lovleen Says:

    Hello sir,
    i’ll really like to do the energy from the nucleus so that’s my first choice… and i think my second choice will be astrophysics… please let it be one of these two

  15. darrren10 Says:

    Hey Mr. G, incase you didn’t know I had peer support first period. umm also I think next monday would be a good day. also what did you guys do today. i’m sorry i couldn’t be there.

  16. sahil26 Says:

    Generally interested in Astrophysics .
    Although flight sounds good too…
    Oh yeh and sustainable energy doesn’t sound too bad either
    soo my preferences would go as :
    1. Astrophysics
    2. Flight
    3. Sustainable enegry πŸ™‚

  17. Rares Says:

    Sir i know this is kind of late but i was wondering if you could give uss some more time with the chapter review cos I have so much going on right now and I need some help with the questions.

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