Radiation is RAD? (updated with summary sheet)

Everyone “knows” that you can tell if something is radioactive – just turn of the lights and it will glow green.

Everything from toxic slime, the incredible hulk, teenage mutant ninja turtles to the simpsons and beyond tells us that this is true. Unfortunately, it is not that simple – radiation is not green, and not visible, and most importantly of all, will not give you superpowers. Dr. Karl has a great summation of this idea, here.

Radiation has had an interesting history. From the early days, when it was thought to be a universal cure-all, to now, when it is (largely) considered an unmitigated risk – lethal in all circumstances.

You already know more about what radiation actually is than the vast majority of people, and if you have explored the blog, you will have found the previous posts I have made about radiation (1, 2), in which case you will know more than your classmates – which is always a good thing!

This post is to give you some information about the history of humanity’s interactions with Radiation – which is pretty bizzare to say the least!

1. Science did it, so it must be good for you. This was the attitude in the early 20th century, when radioactive products were used in a huge variety of “medical” products. (With about as much validity as the silicon hologram wristbands and magnetic wraps today). Everything from Radioactive drinking water (lots more on that blog – check it out, and leave a comment for the blogger!), to radioactive jockstraps (don’t ask…), to (shudder) radioactive suppositories.

2. This “stuff” is useful! Who cares about side effects! As people began to experiment with the new materials, they found they had very useful properties – everything from X-rays (what can we use them for?)to glow in the dark watches.

3. Hangonasec – this “stuff” is dangerous! Radiation’s effect can take time to manifest. Sometimes days, usually months, years or decades – or even in the next generation. Here is a list of some of the more famous fatalities in the history of radiation, and here is the story of the thinking about how we can store the dangerous byproducts. But the popularity of radiation didn’t cease – even for people who should have known better

So what are you expected to know? Well, part of  scientific literacy  means that you are expected to be able to talk logically about the advantages and disadvantages of radiation. I have given you a few links to think about about – the next most important part is that you express your own viewpoint, supported by evidence (such as links!).

Thus your next work requirement is that you write a comment and one reply to another person’s comment of at least 150 words. This comment must discuss your position or thinking on radiation as a danger or not. You must have a minimum of one link to evidence to support your position (such as a credible media report (no links to “news of the world” or other garbage tabloids which report Michael Jackson was an alien), or science magazine or journal). This is due on the 28th of February.

Here is a youtube video that might get you started:

See you in class!

Oh, and you should probably check if you are radioactive. Particularly if your initials are AH…

Sample Summary Sheet is here

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75 Comments on “Radiation is RAD? (updated with summary sheet)”

  1. Jack Says:

    A very informative post sir. 🙂
    -I think i’m scarred after learning what men did with radioactive suppositories…

    THE VIDEO is a very good example of each of the decay’s 😀 , reminds me of the cinema, popping popcorn xD However, I am now rather confused since Gamma appears to have a stronger ionizing than beta and aplha. (Judging on the scale shown) Could the reason being due to the fact that Cobalt-60 in this pract also gave Beta particles as well as gamma? Thank you

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Jack,

      You are making an error – you are assuming activity (the number of radioactive particles per unit time (if in seconds, Becquerels)) is equal to the ionising power.

      That is similar to saying that a rain of tiny ball bearings will do equal damage to the same mass of falling cannonballs… I’m sure you can see that this is not correct, and if not, feel free to lie down in the lane of a bowling alley. I’m pretty sure that will change your mind!

  2. Patrick Says:

    this post is great :O
    I miss doing nuclear physics 😦

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Do you know which detailed studies you are doing yet? Have you (or Loughlin?) asked to do Relativity yet? 😛

      • Loughlin Says:

        Yes. She shot us down. No Synchrotron either.

        We’re doing Further Electronics and Sound. Waves waves electricity electricity waves waves.

        …The time I got to talk to CERN this year will have to tide me over : D

  3. Paktia Says:

    Hi sir, i’d like to choose astronomy/astrophysics for the unit 1 study, im not sure where im ment to post this though.

  4. Prathamesh Khairnar Says:

    Its not just that…after you see the following video u will totally forget about what u wrote sir 😀

    now in Australia we dont have many nuclear plants..and i doubt we have any. countries like America, Russia and England Should seriously consider this topic.

    since 1955-1970 people all around the world thought that splitting the atom may give colossal amounts of heat (yes, heat i will get to this later).. they thought that nuclear energy is unsafe and is unethical.

    Un-Ethical because we are splitting the very foundation of the universe in tiny amounts and what for? only for the greed of energy?

    Un-safe because if something goes wrong in the nuclear power plant we risk the life of the people who are working there and the mother nature itself.

    after 1970, scientist showed that by improving the way how we harness that energy might make it safe… maybe way safer than coal power plants.

    now first lets see how we get the energy form coal plants..
    the coal is burnt , the heat form it is directed to the heat the water which is above it, more like a BBQ except with no grill, instead there is a container on it where the water is kept. when water turns into steam…the first thing happens its that it expands rapidly. now the steam is used to turn the turbine which generates electricity.. WOAH!!!!

    now onto the nuclear energy. everthing is same except. scientist found out we cant split any elments .. and we might end up spending more energy into splitting it and we might get very little in return.

    they found out that uranium is a unstable element which magically splits in under HIGH PRESSURE. when the atom is split it gives of heat..and again the the heat is used to heat up the water..which is turned into steam…bla bla bla..lol

    u get the point

    now watch this video and see for urself how many nuclear testings there have been so far..PEOPLE WE MIGHT DIE BY THE HUNGER OF ENERGY RATHER THAN GLOBAL WARMING!!!

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Excellent effort Prathamesh. You have done exactly what I want. Now all you have to do is wait for someone else to comment, and respond to theirs.
      I’d be interested to see someone respond to your comment as well – it is essential as a society that we have an informed and energetic discussion about the issues.
      Is their such a thing as a peaceful use of nuclear science – or are all applications equally inappropriate?

      • Prathamesh Khairnar Says:

        no they are all different related topics

        nuclear power is what i think everyone should have…and nuclear weapons…well i think no one should have them…but i do suggest to keep those weapons armed if there is a alien invasion on the way 😛

        • CyberChalky Says:

          Hi Prathamesh,

          While I appreciate your opinions, and you are welcome to read what I put up for physics, please make your contributions to the Year 10 Mathematics posts!

          See you in class.

  5. Brendan Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    After reading all the information thats been provided here I don’t really believe that radiation is a danger to us at this moment in time. All the major deaths caused by radiation that have been listed here have either been intentional, becuase the people didnt know the dangers or because people were just careless. Realistically, radiation provides no danger when it is properly taken care of.

    The one issue I do have with it though is in Nuclear Power Plants and the waste that these will create. While we can safely harness the energy from radiation and radioactive substances it is the byproduct in the long term that I am more worried about. I mean this stuff will be dangerous for thousands if not millions of years and we just have to find a place to dump it? How are we realistically meant to find a place that the radioactive waste will remain undisturbed for thousands of years? Scientists are talking about ways to label the sight, scare people away etc etc but think about it. It was only 3-4 thousands years ago that the Ancient Egyptians were still alive, the pyramids were new and they just called it Egypt!

    These people thought they were the smartest people who would ever live and that they could rule the world. This was only 3000 years ago and we all look back laughing at their “Science” and “Knowledge”. I just dont see how we can store something for millions of years if the Egyptians couldnt keep their impenetrable tombs impenetrable for 3000 years. I just dont beleive that we, at this moment in time have the capabilities to store these dangerous substances and keep them safe for so long. I accept that we can use radioactive substances for energy safely now and that we can store them safely now, but what about the future?


    • Brendan Says:

      Oh and check out here some info on nuclear power and the waste it produces:


    • darrren10 Says:

      Yea I agree some of the things people have used radiation to do are really stupid aren’t they. Also the deaths were mainly caused by poor judgement or because they were breaking some sort of safety protocol or something. That basically means if you’re careful you’ll live longer. I agree with your thoughts on the waste as some elements have long half lives and there’s no real place you can put these without harming the things surrounding it.

      • Lovleen Says:

        i sort of agree that people in the have done some really stupid things. But, i think what we need to consider is just how much science has advanced in a short period of time. Most of the things(equations and theories) we know today were once discovered/invented by the worlds best brains. And the knowledge of average person is increasing very fast. i wouldn’t be surprised if something we find really helpful, might just be called ‘stupid’ after some time.
        I also agree that it is impossible to put a radioactive element with a long half life in a safe place without actually harming its surrounding. But then again, who knows… some things which were called impossible last century are possible now.

    • Jack Says:

      I strongly agree with you when you say “at the moment”. It’s just the start of the nuclear industry I suppose, whatever we put into the earth, will come back somehow. A familiar method that applies the same concept is they way we deal our rubbish. We dig big holes, pour our rubbish into it, then cover it back up. Over the years, residential housing are built around it. Then issues start to arise, such as the levels of toxics within the air, which affect the lives of the innocent people living around the old tip. You get the point. The nuclear waste will come back to us somehow, and it will be worse than the rubbish dump.

  6. This post is cool especially the video (it helped me a lot)

    I just wanted to know if the work sheets a due tomorrow.

  7. darrren10 Says:

    Ohk so hey everybody,
    After going through everything on this page I have come to the conclusion that radiation is not really a dangerous thing. We come in contact with radiation everyday from cell phones, the sun and even other people. Radiation can be used for medical purposes and in other ways to keep us safe. Of course I realise that nuclear radiation is not something that we can simply play with but in most cases, as long as we don’t ingest it or use it for ridiculous purposes (suppositories) then we are perfectly safe.

    As for nuclear power plants, I believe that there are plenty of other methods of generating electricity such as using solar panels. Nuclear reserach already uses a lot of radioactive substances and getting rid of those will be difficult enough. We don’t need to add more by building nuclear power plants. Nuclear research is a good thing as it can benefit us and the future generations and therefore cannot be avoided. Nuclear power plants however aren’t necessary. Also from what I’ve heard in class, the gamma rays produced from those plants would be detrimental to those in the area, as they can pass through the thick lead walls.

    If you guys want to know more about radiation and sources then here’s a good link –


    • Andy Says:

      very nice work darren, solid arguement. keep up the good work pal lol

      • Zaki Says:

        Hey darren, You know when you say” we came in radiation in contact with phone” you know that bit. I’m just wondering if it really is radio active. Cause remember how the teacher said that it was all “crap”

        but over all, not bad info. ^.^

      • Loughlin Says:

        Zaki, is there a difference between something emitting radiation and something being radioactive?

      • darrren10 Says:

        haha hey zaki, yea what locky said basically.

    • john Says:

      darren even though we are exposed to radiation every day doesnt make it not dangerous. its just not dangerous in the doses we receive them. i love your veiw on nuclear power plants and support you fully. we must find another way to make the process of making energy safer

    • Rares Says:


      I agree about the fact that radiation is not dangerous. You are correct when you say that we come in contact with radiation everyday. But i must say that even if there are other ways of generating electricity using nuclear power plants are very very efficient. They can be used 24/7 not like solar panels or windmills and they take less resources and produce more electricity. Also if we don’t use the Uranium then we are just leaving some very precious element out there. Why not use it when it is not that dangerous and it is very useful. Plus by using nuclear power plants there are low Co2 emissions witch affects global warming that will kill us all in 2012:D Or a radioactive zombie apocalypse since we are talking about radiation.:)
      In the end nice post Darren your idea is very interesting.
      Heres a link to a site that discusses nuclear power:http://timeforchange.org/nuclear-energy

      Peace Out:)

      • darrren10 Says:

        Well if you think about it rick, nuclear power plants have the risks of meltdown and other disasters. Yes, it’s a good way to generate the large amount of electricity needed but i still think the dangers outweigh the benefits. It’s like saying, i don’t mind putting myself in danger if it means i can go on the internet or be able to play on my ps3. I would not want to be living anwhere near a nuclear power plant as i know that they deal with high level radiation. Windmills and solar energy are much cleaner and are better off for the environment. If we are to take the uranium and use it in nuclear power plants rick, then there’s also the matter of the waste that is produced. That stuff can be used for bombs and stuff i believe. Finally rick, i’m pretty sure using solar power doesn’t cause global warming. Even though i’m pretty sure that it’s the sun that’s making the earth so hot.

        Ps. If you don’t like zombie apocalypses then shouldn’t you be against nuclear power plants :/

        And laters :{D

    • Paolo Says:

      Hey Darren, I agree with your statement that Nuclear research will become a part of our future, seemingly if technology doesnt discover more efficient ways to dispose of Nuclear waste, the disadvantages of Nuclear Power will still be definite. In terms of electricity, compared to solar panels it is easily the least environmentally friendly but you can’t depend on the sun being out everyday, there will be rain and overcasts. Nuclear Power will simply be used as a constant energy souce, as coal and fossil fuels are being used today.

  8. Manar S. Says:

    Hey sir. Interesting topic, very interesting indeed…..

  9. Andy Says:

    Hi, So radiation isnt as bad as what people first think, and because of hollywood has been thought differently to what it is. Dont get me wrong it isnt harmless but if you know the dangers and what not to do with it it definetely isnt dangerous. If a person has common sense and just does not digest a radiation source then a person would be fine, and would not turn into the hulk or godzilla or something.

    Its also good the things that human life has learnt over the years and is still not in the age were radiation was the answer to everything. Now we know that there are dangers to a human being because of radioactivity. So we are smart enough not to make radioactive drinking water like in the early 20th century. hmm so yer anyways catch ya’s ;D

    • Alvin Says:

      i get your point andy, radiation is dangerous even if stored properly. As in another post i have read by a fellow class mate he said “It was only 3-4 thousands years ago that the Ancient Egyptians were still alive, the pyramids were new and they just called it Egypt!

      These people thought they were the smartest people who would ever live and that they could rule the world. This was only 3000 years ago and we all look back laughing at their “Science” and “Knowledge”.”

      so in the near future maybe in another 3000 years, others may discover what we try hide or store (the radioactive wastes)and they will be exposed to radiation. I believe radiation is never safe, it is always risky to handle.

    • Prathamesh Khairnar Says:

      radioactive water????? :S

  10. Zaki Says:

    Hey nice info sir. I’m just wondering if phones are actually radio active. Cause i remember the first lesson you said phone and all the other crap are not true. I’m just confused :s but i got wat your trying to say the other day 🙂

  11. Ashraf Says:

    hey everyone
    A very intersting conversation,
    Sir at the start when we start to learn bout radio active, i was abit scared but now when every one else say that radioation is not that dangerouse. also the video helped alot to undestand more about radioation

  12. Alvin Says:

    I believe radiation is dangerous at high levels/doses and is risky at small levels also.
    Radiation can shut down your body and kill you if you play or handle it stupidly. Many effects on your body that may occur are a lower count of blood cells both red and white, the amount of radioactive material in your body, cancer and can cause you sterility.
    Radiation is caused by ionized particles which are unstable and ready to blow, a neutron is transformed into a proton and a radiated particle alpha, beta or gamma.
    People have been posting radiation isn’t dangerous if properly taken care of, but we are not saying if it is properly stored. We are plainly saying is radiation dangerous? Of course it is! When come into contact with even if at a low level you will become sick at some degree. If you think radiation is safe then you sleep with it I choose not to.

    here is a website i looked at for some effects:

    • mohsen urozgani Says:

      hey alvin,your view of radiation is similar by mine,and i agree that radiation can be both,dangerous and safe.its all depends how neclous decays some energy in form of particles which are called alpha, beta and gamma.

    • Chelsea Says:

      You bring up a point I think of too Alvin, how radiation can cause sterility. This being a great fear of many people, this is why I choose to believe what people say about cell phones and laptops being dangerous to some degree. I don’t see the point in taking the risk of infertility. At least we can sleep at night… without the radiation 🙂

  13. Samson Says:

    Hey everyone

    Alrighty then so I’ve been through most of the comments on this page and I’ve decided to respond with an area that has not been seen so far in the post and that is medical applications
    Alright so we know that there have been some stupid ideas that relate to radiation and its uses. But there have been some useful applications found for radiation as well.

    Some examples of radiation being used for medical purposes are X-rays, CT scans and Radiation therapy for things like cancers and tumours (and yes there is a difference and here is the link to show you http://www.differencebetween.net/science/health/difference-between-tumor-and-cancer/)

    So generally most people know what Radiation therapy is but not as many people know how it works. Because cancer is the uncontrollable growth of cells, by using large doses of radiation to the affected area and tries to kill the cancerous cells.

    So to finish up I think that radiation being used to help make the lives of medical staff across the world much easier is a nice touch to the general “badness” that is usually associated with radiation.

    P.S the place I found the medical purposes for radiation were here http://www.hps.org/publicinformation/ate/q1378.html

    • darrren10 Says:

      yes, radiation is very useful in medical practices such as tracors. medical procedures use smaller amounts of radioactive substances so it’s generally not lethal to the patient. like most other radiations, it’s pretty harmless. so in short yes i do agree.

  14. Rares Says:

    Yo whats up everybody,
    After reading everything on this page I have come to the conclusion that radiation is not dangerous unless you expose yourself to a lot of it or if you sit next to Alvin in class…
    There are a lot of sites on the Internet that say radiation is very bad, and there are a lot of media articles but they are garbage… People think that radiation is bad for you because certain things happened like the Chernobyl disaster and the people that suffered after it. Also “civilians” as I call day to day folks think that if you are exposed to radiation it is bad. They don’t know about the distance and ionization power variables and also about quantity and quality. Also they don’t realize that they are radioactive sources!
    In the end radiation is as safe as a cat unless you go and pull its ears and tail:D.
    Also here are some links of a website that talks about radiation: http://spacetethers.com/radiation.html
    And a link about Chernobyl: http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/chernobyl/inf07.html

    Peace out:)

  15. Jay Says:

    Hey, after going through all of the information from this post and looking at other peoples opinions I have come to the conclusion that at the moment radiation is not a top priority for us as people to worry about. I think that the media are making people worry about radiation and its effects unnecessarily by saying that our household appliances are giving us cancer and killing us which sounds stupid. Most of the deaths listed here are from people who did not know the effects of radiation and were unaware of what it was doing to them.

    Radiation can even be a good thing as shown on this link:

    Radiation helps us advance in technology and medical science by introducing us to new ways to treat diseases.

    The problem with radiation though is that it is hard to store away safely where none will come across it. Hopefully people will not be stupid enough to go near radiation that is being contained so that somehow we can keep it stored away for many many years so that it is not harmful in any way to us as humans.

  16. bigmusiclove Says:

    People of universe!!!
    i got a message for you

    After reading everything on the page i believe radiation is not that dangerous, i know it can kill you and it can “cook” you…
    but what im really tryna say is, we come in contact with heaps of stuff like the sun, mobiles and etc, it doesn’t do that much damage for our body
    and from what i heard radiation can be used for medical purposes,
    the only way i think it can be dangerous is if you expose to it
    All the media news and all other stuff are all wrong they say its very dangerous and and can cause a big disaster.
    but from what i see if you dont expose you self to it then you safe same as a dog if you go close to you it will try to bite you!
    so that why i think radiation is not so dangerous….

    my supporting page !!!

    Im out peace….

    “Sorry if you dont get my language im esl” =)

  17. Jack Says:

    Radioactive material, it’s everywhere. We live in a society filled with radiation (1). Although at first it sounds scary, it’s not all lethal. (After all, I sat in-between two of the most radioactive people in our classroom hehe- Excuse the dry humour).

    Radiation I think, is most likely the most misunderstood theory in the growing lifestyle of the 21st century. The media are frantic about it, trying to ‘warn’ the general public about the ‘dangers’ of radiation. It’s only a pathetic scheme to make the pub
    To some degree, I believe that radiation is not dangerous, not in small doses. If it was dangerous I guess we would all be dead! Although it’s not used much in Australia, nuclear energy is a desirable industry overseas. A rock of Uranium-238 the size of a fist has the capability to solely power a U.S submarine for the past 20 years.

    Despite its phenomenal power, radiation can be harmful and dangerous in terms with radioactive waste. Nuclear power is really stupid, the idea is smart I guess, but we as a species are being selfish. We know that the waste is going to take millions of years to decay, and the commercialized way to dispose of it is deep into the natural environment. I’m sure we wouldn’t like it if some alien decided to dump their junk into our local neighbourhood. Our attitude about nuclear waste/energy is more like “Oh, we’ll extract energy out of it then dump it somewhere, and we won’t need to worry about it for another 100 years”. We need to ask ourselves, what will happen when those 100-500 years pass? Perhaps the human race may be gone within the time it decays, but the toxic pollution that we left behind for future species is nothing short of wrong, selfish and unfair.

    For more on nuclear waste, feel free to scan through this: http://library.thinkquest.org/3471/nuclear_waste_body.html

    Reference (1) : 1. Radiation exposure diagram, Page 18, Jacaranda Physics 1.

    • Jack Says:

      In addition, on our, the sun’s uv rays are blocked out by the o-zone layer. Where as in space, the radiation is at its strongest. Thus, astronauts receive higher blows of radiation than us on earth. That really sucks :\ I also found an interesting site which reports how radiation is limiting our space exploration :O

      • darrren10 Says:

        haha yea that’s another thing i’ll add to the list of “why not to become an astronaut” right under the whole microgravity messes up your bones 😀

    • Brendan Says:

      I do agree with everything that you’re saying here. Radiation in the doses that we are exposed to everyday is not something to worry about, it’s just media hype designed to scare us and sell more magazines.

      Also with radioactive waste why do people think that by storing it underground it becomes safe? Oh this can’t be good let’s stick it underground, if we can’t see it, it doesn’t exist! This stuff is going to effect the environment and society for hundreds of years to come – and not in a good way.

      Anyway though radiation is not a danger to us in the doses we receive everyday, they causes us no harm. And even when there are larger amounts of it, as long as you treat it with caution and take the right precautions nothing is going to happen.

  18. Dinel Meyepa Says:

    I agree with Rares after reading this topic. Radiation is not dangerous unless you expose yourself to it. After reading another article on ‘timesonline’, scientists have said that danger from radiation is exaggerated. Scientists on this programme have said that there was growing evidence that the dangerous reputation of radiation was unjustified.

    Mike Repacholi who is a memeber of ‘World Health Organisation radiation’ made this point clear; “People hear radiation, they think of the atomic bomb and they think of thousands of deaths. They think that the Chernobyl disaster was equivalent to the atomic bombing in Japan, which is absolutely untrue.”

    People just think that radiation is bad because of all the stories and rumours. For example, The Chernobyl disaster was initially predicted to cause hundreds of thousands of deaths. Two decades later the death toll stands at 56. The United Nations Chernobyl Forum estimates that no more than 4,000 people will die as a direct result of this, while radiation may be a contributing factor in another 5,000 deaths. Dr Repacholi later stated that negative health impacts of Chernobyl were not caused by the radiation, but a fear of it.

    We do not want to minimise the effects of radiation received by large amounts of people, we also know that the fear and anxiety on radiation was a greater factor, I also believe that it is that fear which has caused a huge number of health complaints on radiation.

  19. Paolo Says:

    Unfortunately, I still believe that radiation is dangerous. It may sound naive but when I watched the YouTube link provided, in my head I was exclaiming “why are you touching that!?”
    From this I can clearly say that if I had the option to live with or without radiation, I’d be staying away from it. Though, I understand that this is impossible in today’s society. Radiation is being emitted around me as I speak, but not at lethal doses. If we were completely certain that radiation is harmless, why do scientists try to keep these radioactive particles safe and hidden?
    To me, radioactivity is unpredictable the short range of an alpha particle may or may not pass through the layer of skin, but if it does, you are in for some dangerous side effects. Beta particles, with medium penetrating and ionizing power from constant exposure, span of 5 – 30 years, can increase the risk of chronic illnesses, e.g. cancer. If these particles were to be introduced into the environment, they would slowly find their way into the food chain, and these particles are most harmful when ingested or inhaled.
    Radioactive particles are invisible, you can’t smell them, touch them, sense them, and you couldn’t tell if large deposits were in your backyard without the right equipment. That’s what makes them so dangerous, they can invade your body without you even noticing.

    I used this link to identify the effects of beta particles.

  20. dylaniscool Says:

    Hey folks, do you know that you are in imminent danger of a meteor hitting your head? Our company sells special anti-meteor umbrellas in various sizes and colors.

    If you call in 5 minutes, you will receive a special bonus for free: the super-duper ultrasound dinosaur repellent which will keep dinosaurs off your garden.

    Hi everyone, Ifound this on the folowing youtube video

    In this video a guy trys to explain that cell phones are giving us cancer!! LOL his evidence is that the brain heats up…… So everyone the next time you feel like going for a jog or some, what seems like harmless exercise think again you could be at risk of getting cancer!! Radiation is all around us you are emitting radiation right now but the levels are not enough to do any damage so to think that this sort of nonsense is featured on the news is ridiculous. Peace out 🙂 (lol at Rares haha)

    • Jack Says:

      I love how you point out that normal day to day activity is “giving” us cancer 😛 Great video, one that is educated laughs at this stupid attempt to advertise.

  21. Lovleen Says:

    I don’t know… radiation, whether it’s dangerous or not. I think just asking that question alone would be too generalized. I know that radiation is everywhere and that’s why I see whatever I see. I also know that radiation can be dangerous and deadly, for example the Ultraviolet rays… but that’s only if you spend a large amount of time in the sun. Ultraviolet rays actually have many positives, like it assists our body in making Vitamin-D and are used for the treatment of psoriasis. And Vitamin-D is required for survival. So, is it dangerous or a cure???
    I think even when you change a question and make it more specific, like is alpha/beta/gamma radiation dangerous? There can be a range of answers based on the possibilities like how much of radiation is given? The amount of time the radiation is given in? Along with what type of radiation/radioactive element it actually is? After getting all the answer to this entire question, we can find the answer to the main question… Is radiation dangerous?
    In the end, for us to tell if radiation is dangerous, it doesn’t just matter what the radiation is…. it can only be answered by know how the radiation is used.

    • Paktia Says:

      Hello Loveleen, I think your view on Radiation is also similar to mine, and I think you make some very good points, such as if the radiation type were alpha beta or gamma, yes radiation can be deadly as you said, but it also used a lot in medicine/medical procedures etc. If you would like to know a bit more about radiation, i found that this site: http://www.uraniumsa.org/about/radiation.htm, helped me grasp a better understanding <:

  22. Lovleen Says:

    and i got the information from http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-uv-rays.htm.
    Just i case someone wanted to now

  23. Paktia Says:

    Hey all,
    after reading this thread, and looking at peoples comments, my conclusion on radiation is that it isn’t really as dangerous as people make it seem. We deal with radiation a lot during every day life, such as things like the sun, microwaves, mobile phones, humans, and even banana’s have a small amount of radiation ^_^, so yeah it is everywhere.
    But there is people that complain that radiation is harmful, by saying staying out in the sun to long could expose you to its Ultra Violet rays, which is true, but speaking of that, it also does give us Vitaman-D which is required to live, and be healthier.
    You could even go into more specific areas of radiation, such as the three types, alpha, beta, and also gamma, if you put these into measure, of course you could come out with all sorts of different answers.
    So many questions have to be asked about radiation, how much are you exposed to, how big is the area your in, what type of radiation? What are you wearing, could it attract radiation in a different way?

  24. Nama Kadrie Says:

    Hello Sir,
    After reading some of the posts, it seems that the cons are much greater than pros.

    Pros and Cons: A verity of radioactive elements are used in order to kill cancer cells. In some cases very effective while in other cases very horrific.

    Is it based on accuracy in killing/ destroying cancer cells?

    With all this mutations happening with in chromosomes caused by radiation ( Gamma in particular ), how long will it take before you are able to see the out come of the mutations?

  25. karly Says:

    ooooh sooo interesting.. the video made me understand more on why that radiation detector that the teacher used kept beeping… and their theres different types of radiation not just the one….. i thought radiation was dangerous or at least thats what we grew up thinking…. so pretty much it depends on how its used, well im still a bit confused, sir you said that its all good to talk as long as you want on the phone, is that depending how old you are…. cause according to this website it says that its dangerous for children because they are still developing…… hmmmmm http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4117

  26. mohsen urozgani Says:

    hi everyone,so interesting information about radioactive particles,in my opionion and from the knowlege that i gained from my research,i think radition can be dangerous in some situation ,it depends on the type and rate of the energy that the radioactive particle decays for example the radition that we recieve from mobile phones is not that dangerous that much but it can jeopardy our health by over time.on the other hand, using gamma radiation in curing breast cancer which can be dangerous, since its penetrating ability is high, it can damage healthy cells.radiation occur when the ratio of nuetrons to proton in the nuclous is unbalanced, that is why the nuclous is unstable and tries to make a balance between nucleons.in this process the neclous decays some energy in form of particles which are called alpha, beta and gamma. alpha is a double positive charged particle. it has weak penetrating ability because of its heavy mass, but it has high ionizing ability. beta is a negative electron, it has moderate penetrating and ionizing ability. gamma radiation is a high electromagnetic frequency,it has weak ionizing and high penetrating ability.

  27. Chelsea Says:

    The way I understand it, radiation is dangerous… if you play with it. There were all those stories of the scientists who knew what they were doing (mostly) but had a small slip up and died weeks or months later. So maybe, as long as we don’t try to mess with radiation, we have the hope it wouldn’t affect us. But what about cell phones and other electrical devices people say can harm us?

    You can easily find those sources which say “yes, it’s giving you cancer” which makes me ask, “Where did you get this evidence from?” Part of me believes there must be something to fear as these people are scientists who ‘know’ what they are doing too. But then there are the conflicting arguments saying that the accusation that this “cell phone radiation is stupid and any person who believe it’s possible doesn’t know what they are talking about”. But this leads others and myself who don’t know what to believe.

    So I like this website which says that the radiation in cell phones may or may not be possible, but for those who want to believe it, can easily do the small things to ‘prevent’ health effects from happening. Such as texting instead of calling, not sleeping with an active phone next to you or underneath your pillow, carrying the phone at least 1 inch away from your body etc.

    • zahid Says:

      nice one chelsea =] i think ur right and i also think the people who say that cell phones are giving us cancer probably doesnt really understand much about radiation and dont really no what there talking about. i mean by saying that there basically saying everyone is getting cancer because we use cell phones which is obviously preposterous =]

    • Jack Says:

      I agree with you! Radiation even killed its own founders.. Marie curie 😛 Fair enough, she and her husband did play with it using their bare hands 😛
      Oh dear, I think i need to stop sleeping with my phone charging next to me.. thanks for the tip HAHA ❤

  28. Ashraf Says:

    MOhsen a very good info about radiation

  29. darrren10 Says:

    Hey Mr G, I just had a thought. Remember in class when asked which room would be safer with the alpha, beta and gamma sources. when you said that alpha radiation could react with the air and then that air could spit out an alpha particle and create a chain reaction. wouldn’t that mean that the americium in smoke detectors would emit alpha particles and that would react with the air and create that golf ball mouse trap effect?

  30. melissa Says:

    There’s always going to be two sides of radiation.
    Some people believe that radiation is bad and that it is highly dangerous, but there are some who also think that it’s not that bad. It confuses me, because I don’t know which one I think is true.

    I have heard stories that radiation is suppose to help reduce breast cancer but then again, there are other stories of which radiation is bad, eg: it kills your skin cells/cells.


    I know that radiation is a part of our lives, and is also everywhere around us, but it’s hard for someone to prove a point on whether or not this is good or bad. I’ve researched a lot, but i’m still quite confused.

    This link is interesting, it is about mobile phones:

    • Mitchell Says:

      Great comment mellisa, there is always goto be two sides, others may not believe so but there is otherwise we would not use it in medical fields and power generation where people work with and around it every day, but on the other side there can be ranges depending on what typed or radiation and how much

  31. sahil26 Says:

    Hello everyone,
    So. So.. What is all this fuss about radiation not being dangerous! Of course it’s dangerous. Try sticking your hand in a container full of highly radioactive substance that emits beta particles. Depending on the substance’s activity, you will know soon enough :D. Radiation is dangerous. But, it should be clear that not many people get affected by radiation. You can only die from radiation if you are in the mood to consume a kilo of Polonium-214. Or unless you get affected by an unfortunate accident with radiation like these people in Cherobynl in 1986.

    The point is , as long as you stay from dangerous amounts of radiation, it will stay away from you. And also I am not a superhero trying to hide the reason for my powers. This stuff is dangerous, incase you ever encounter a radioactive substance in life, chances are you probably won’t, STAY FAR AWAY FROM IT :).


  32. Ashraf Says:

    Hey everyone
    who says radioation is not dangerouse
    offcurse it is
    and here is a video about effect of radiotion

    • Dylan Says:

      All this video is saying is that when you use a phone the surface temperature of your head increases. When you stand in front of a heater or the sun the same thing happens even running will give this effect so whats so different that we have to worry about this.

      This looks like my video lol.

  33. Ashraf Says:

    here is another link which help us to understand more about radiation and its effect on the human body


  34. Mitchell Says:

    The question is radiation dangerous. The first thing that pops into most peoples head would be a green glowing liquid which could be quite dangerous. But there are so many question to be asked and so many to be answered, what type of radiation what’s it’s ionizing power it penertraion, how much was taken, gamma, beta. As the YouTube video shows the different powers and the different way it reacts, are you in a lead suit or in a room that no radiation can get in, there are so many changes the affect and the question of how dangerous radiation is, but if it was so dangerous we would not be using it to generate power, unlucky for Japan even though radiation is is around there, there has been no reports of deaths or sickness caused from it so it couldn’t be that bad, and been used in some medicines shows us it can be dangerous and not.

    Information from text book, general knowledge, newspaper

  35. […] have written many posts on this blog about nuclear power (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (you may want to pay particular attention to the comment streams…). Not only is […]

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