Are you Ready for your Examination?

Examinations are tricky things – most people think it is all about learning and mastering the content, but this is only half the battle.

You’ve got to learn to look at any assessment, be it test, examination or project as a game – a challenge. And just like any other game, you must have a strategy.

Just like a football team coach has a gameplan, you must have an overall strategy for any assessment. Not having one is like a team showing up to the grand final without any training or practice – it isn’t going to be pretty!

So, how do you become good at assessment? Well like any skill you want to develop, it begins, and ends with practice. Drill is your friend, and you need to start looking at each test as a challenge to be beaten – study the types of questions – don’t look at the content, think about how you would answer a question of this type. We will talk more about this later, but first, here are some exams from previous years that you can look at, to start training yourself to be better at assessment:

1. HPSC Mathematics Exam Semester 1, 2009

2. HPSC Mathematics Exam Semester 2, 2009

3. HPSC Mathematics Exam Semester 1, 2010

4. HPSC Mathematics Exam Semester 2, 2010

Good luck; Use the above exams carefully – these are the only practice exams that will be provided!

And last of all, here is the summary sheet for indices.

Remember to Check MathsOnline & MangaHigh – there is more work to be done!

See you in Class.

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17 Comments on “Are you Ready for your Examination?”

  1. Nama Kadrie Says:

    Thank you very much, Sir.
    Very helpful, I now have a thorough perspective as to what I need to practice for and enhance on.

    P:S : Could you please E-mail me a copy of chapter 4’s check-list? My E-mail address is

    Much appreciated.

  2. Andrea Says:

    Sir thanks for practice exam. Im having an issue, maths online is no longer showing me the worksheets I need to do. The answer sheet and the video loads, but not the worksheet. What do I do?

  3. Nama Kadrie Says:

    Hey Sir,

    I bought a brand new bound reference but it is 22 cm by 15 cm, is that acceptable? or should I take it back and get a refund?


  4. Bernice Says:

    Hi Sir,

    Can you help me with question 5 (chapter 2.1)? I don’t get how I’m supposed to solve it.


    • Prathu Khairnar Says:

      hey bernice,

      u have to factorise it :),
      for the first question (question 5, a))


      now what two numbers, whhe u times them will give you 6, and when u add them, u will get 5? (just dont worry about the “x”)

      it should 2 and 3 right?

      so if we factorise it:
      then x=-2, or -3 🙂

      for something hard like L)

      -x^2 +16=0
      we first have to make sure that the negative sign b4 x should be turned into a positive. we can do it by changing all the signs into the opposites


      now we factorise:

      so the answer is: x= +4, or -4 🙂
      hope that make sense 😀

      • CyberChalky Says:

        Good first answer, Prathu, but that last one is slightly backwards.
        -x^2 + 16 = 0

        Rearrange it so it is:
        16 – x^2 = 0

        Which is the same as:
        4^2 – x^2 = 0

        Which then simplifies, using difference of perfect squares
        (4 – x) (4 + x) = 0

        It has the same answers (x = 4 or -4), but the factorisation is slightly different.

      • Prathu Khairnar Says:

        ahhh, i learnt something new… woah hey sir just i did someworking out and apparently.. both systems work perfectly 😀

        i was taught “my way” by my maths teacher last year…

  5. Manar Says:

    Thanks very much sir for the exam preparation sheets, they helped me know what i need to revise for.

  6. Bernice Says:

    Prathu, hey thanks! I’m alright now, it’s just that explanation in the book confused me, but thanks anyway 🙂

    Thanks Sir for explaining it awhile ago, it helped a lot 😀

  7. Zahidah Zain Says:

    Wow !!
    The exams look eaaaaasy.
    I hope it’s like that tomorrow 🙂
    Haha, I’m just scared for your extra pages Mr Grichting…

    Hope you made it good 😀

  8. Manar Says:

    Hey Sir, will you be marking us on your ‘hell’ section for the exams??

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