Breaking the speed limit

Well, here we go. This is the target topic of entirety of Mathematical Methods – everything else has been getting us up to this point.

Calculus is one of the core achievements of mathematical theory in the last 500 years. The massive majority of modern physics, chemistry, ecology and even economics is based on the techniques developed in calculus.

Not surprisingly then, almost any degree you take in university will have a mathematical component – any form of analysis of the world will have some models involved – models based on the concepts of calculus.

Everyone recognises the importance of calculus – even if they don’t understand it. If you look at the cartoon at the top of this post, you will see something that appears to be maths; look a little closer and you will see it gibberish. Many people are mathphobic – they say things like “I can’t do maths”. Unfortunately, that line is not available to you, so you’d better get into it!

Here is a link to a prior post that goes into some detail about limits and their connect to calculus. There are a *lot* of videos; I suggest you watch as many as you need to, and then a few! You need to bring your “A-game” – calculus takes a lot of work to understand, but once you do, it becomes intuitive and easy.

Here is a blog that may help – but nothing becomes easy without work. Finally, because everything japanese is cool, here is an excerpt from the Manga Guide to Calculus.

And last of all, a practice exam (Maths Methods Exam 1 Units 3&4 Solutions 2010)

Get to it! See you in Class.

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7 Comments on “Breaking the speed limit”

  1. Patrick Says:


  2. Locky Says:

    I found the circular functions bit more challenging than the exponentials but it all seems quite manageable.

    As well as differentiation of polynomials, circular and exponentials, what else can we expect?

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