Applying yourself to the (Application) task.

It’s time.

This is the last School Assessed Coursework for Unit 3 – your last chance to get those critical marks that will improve you study score – and your eventual ATAR.

At this point, you probably are (should be!) stressing a lot – how do you prepare for this task? What can you do to get ready for this?

Well, the extension questions in your book are an obvious starting point – particularly those in chapter 10, so I hope you’ve been doing that much.

Another obvious support is your Checkpoints book – try doing good extended problems from there

Getting your bound reference up to date – including examples of how to use your CAS, particularly define(), solve() and how to graph, can be very useful

But what you really need are examples of prior Application tasks. Where are you going to get those?

Well – here! One! Two!

Next thing you might want to check out is this link – it talks about some mathematics techniques of using differentiation to maximize on variable given limitations on another.

Here are some videos that demonstrate the solution process for “optimization problems” – tasks that require you to find the specific values of one variable that result in the maximum value for another related variable:

Here is a playlist that contains some similar problems.

See you in the Task!

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5 Comments on “Applying yourself to the (Application) task.”

  1. Brendan Says:

    Do we have extra classes tomorrow afterschool or tuesday morning? I know we were talking about it but I don’t remember you saying if they were certain.

  2. Patrick Says:

    oh gahhh application task !
    I bet i wasn’t the only one who did this….
    *sees that we had to work out volume of a cylinder*
    *FREAKS OUTTTT, Gets sheet* YES!!!!!!! *embarrassed that i forgot it*

  3. Hussain Says:

    This application task is hard Sir. But the infomation given here are very helpful..

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