Story Time!

Well, you’ve finished your exam and I’m sure you’ve been good boys and girls, so now it is story time!

Everyone by now must have selected a page (or pages) from John & Betty’s Journey into Complex Numbers, and planned with your partner what media you will be using to explain your section.

Will you use a poster? A podcast? A youtube clip? A powerpoint? An animoto?  A prezi? A mindmap? A skit? A song? A game?

It doesn’t matter what presentation type you choose, the challenge is the same – you must make the most of the advantages of the medium you choose. As an example, let’s discuss a YouTube clip.

Why would you want to use a YouTube clip? Well there are at least two reasons – one being that you want to capture movement – perhaps a physical demonstration of the concept or an act, and the second reason that you want share or embed the content in a website. If you don’t want one of these things, then you should select an alternative medium. For example, printing out a story about complex numbers, and then putting down the pages, taking a picture of each and putting the pictures into a slideshow and then uploading the result to youtube would be an ineffective use, and wouldn’t demonstrate intelligent usage of the medium.

As we have discussed before there are three aspects to be assessed:

  1. Mathematical Content & Explanation – (Number & Structure) shown by choice of challenging content & clarity of explanation
  2. Appropriate choice & usage of Media – (ICT & Creativity) shown by thoughtful and effective decisions regarding your presentation decisions
  3. Teamwork and organisation – (RPI & LVR) shown by including a plan and a  journal of who did what towards the project

A Rubric will be made available shortly (link right here when it’s ready!), but you have to have this finished by mid next week, so you had better get cracking!

See you in Class!

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27 Comments on “Story Time!”

  1. Damien Meyepa Says:

    Thanks for that sir.
    It makes the project more understandable for me and josh.

  2. Hao Says:

    Is this assignment due, on the 14th of June?

  3. Manar Sarweh Says:

    Hey sir, thanks for that post. It now makes things easier to understand. One question sir, can Hao and I add a video clip into our powerpoint, that way it’s like a 2 in 1 thing??
    So the power point will be a theory way of understanding and the video clip will be a different way?

    • CyberChalky Says:

      You certainly can; If you have a good reason for doing it.

      • Manar Says:

        Hey sir, I have a bit of a problem. The thing is I may not be in class on Thursday which will be our test so is it possible if i can do the test after class, or if i arrive 45 minutes late to class and complete it from then to the end of lunch??

  4. Nama Kadrie Says:

    Hello Sir,

    What do I do with a question similar to the question below, and how do I sketch it on a graph or find the value/s?

    I S-49 I ≤ 75

    or, if I’m mistaken

    I 5-49 I ≤ 75

    I need the answer to this question by Monday.
    Please reply ASAP.

    • CyberChalky Says:

      The | | symbols are the absolute value function. It means that the value inside the operators is always positive. e.g. |-5| = 5

      Thus |s-49| ≤ 75 is the same as

      -75 ≤ s- 49 ≤ 75

      add 49 to each expression

      -26 ≤ s ≤ 124

  5. Zahidah Zain Says:

    Sir, you said earlier that it was due on Thursday the 16th..
    Why is it now due on the 14th?

    From Zahidah and Nini

  6. Tia Clothier Says:

    Sir, if Andrea and I make an interactive game via powerpoint, would we be required to present it to the class, or?

  7. prathamesh Says:

    hello sir, i wont be in school on tuesday, but now i think i will be in school on thursday. So my question is could i do my test on thursday, instead of tuesday like other students?

    Plz let me know soon, thanx

  8. Manar Says:

    Hello sir, is it possible if Hao and I get an extension for our complex number assignment. We haven’t really had time due to exams, sacs (Yr11), alot of hw etc so is that alright?

  9. Hao Says:

    Sir, in the previous post and this post you said you will upload a rubric.
    I’m in the final stages and I’m doing the finishing touches atm.
    Will you be uploading the rubric sometime tonight?

  10. manar Says:

    We are almost done sir. We will hand it in to you Thursdays lesson.

  11. lj1995 Says:

    Hey sir,
    Chantelle, Amanda and I filmed our video today but i cant make it into a proper movie because the format is incorrect to use on windows movie maker at my house. I’m pretty sure it will work on the school computers though so we were wondering, if you don’t just want 7 videos on a USB tomorrow, would we be able to properly put together the video at lunchtime tomorrow and then give it to you after school? I’m not sure if you will get this before tomorrows class but it’s worth a shot
    ~ Lauren Tampaline

  12. Bernice Says:

    Hi Sir,

    Here’s the link to our project:

    Bernice and Ellayne

  13. Milica Says:

    hey sir for the first test you gave me on Number 5.57 a competent and for thinking you gave me for Below 5.5 a developing

  14. lj1995 Says:

    Hey sir, so sorry it’s so late, but the videos have been a pain to upload and I’ve had to try numerous times, plus I’ve been working all weekend. Anyway, here is the URL to our YouTube channel:
    Enjoy 🙂

  15. William Spoljaric Says:

    This is a link to our poster that was made by me and jurem, with examples provided.

  16. Prathu Khairnar Says:

    Hello sir
    i think i found the pattern for the trigonometry we did today,
    for angles 30,45 and 60
    1/2 – 30 degrees
    1/(sqrt2) – 45 degress
    (sqrt3)/2 – 60 degrees

    (sqrt3)/2 – 30 degrees
    1/(sqrt2) – 45 degress
    1/2 – 60 degrees

    1/(sqrt3) – 30 degrees
    1 – 45 degress
    (sqrt3) – 60 degrees

    if we look closely, we will find that the Sine and Cosine are acting like opposites. ie: for 30 degrees sine, equals 1/2 and 60 degrees Cosine, equals 1/2 too!
    for the tangent, unfortunately i couldnt come up with a better solution but this is what i found out, the tangent is kind of reapeating itself. for 30 degrees and 60 degrees, the (sqrt3) is rasied to negative one? does that make sense? hmmm…

  17. NiNi Phan Says:

    Sir, I wanted to ask when you are going to put up the checklist for Trigonometry ?

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