Media Response Planning

 Well, you have your final outcome – time to start thinking and planning.

The physics study guide is here; look for media response to find information about the nature of the task.

Basically, you have to respond analytically to one or media articles. This means that you have to read the article, and consider the issues raised and present a summation of your own position in response to the articles. Your response must be scientific; this means that instead of stating opinions, you must consider the science that you have learned and explain its relevance to the issues you are addressing.

The articles you are responding to are here.

The movie referred to in the second article is here:

Good luck & See you in class.

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7 Comments on “Media Response Planning”

  1. Jack Says:

    Thank you! When is this task going to be taken in class?

    • Jack Says:

      Hey sir, this assessment will have to be postponed to sometime next week. The Gat tomorrow ends halfway through lunch.
      Perhaps tuesday lunch will be a good time.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. darrren10 Says:

    out of curiousity, when you state that we’re allowed to make notes and so forth, does that mean we’re allowed to write information on the back of each page? would it be considered like annotating the page but then running out of space and therefore being forced to write on the back?

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Annotations imply short explanatory notes and facts.
      You may include such information anywhere on the pages.
      You may not write anything that could be considered to be draft material for a SAC response.
      Any material judged excessive by me at the beginning of the SAC will be confscated with further discussion.

  3. Brendan Says:

    Hi Sir!

    Is the SAC tomorrow (thursday), or are we doing revision tomorrow and the SAC next week?



  4. Lei Says:

    sorry sir, I guess I’ll have to catch up with the SAC next week too, because I also have GAT…



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