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How Mr.G “Ruined” your Holidays Again (The Sequel)

July 2, 2011

Well, what a wonderful time – beautiful Melbourne winter weather, AFL season is in full swing, School holidays for a fortnight, No schoolwork to do, No Teachers to put up with…

Well, unfortunately, at least one (and probably more) of those statements is wrong. Funny as it may seem, the purpose of holidays is not to waste your time and let your brain forget everything you worked to learn throughout semester 1; particularly from year 10 upwards, it should be a chance for you to work at consolidating what you have learnt, and making sure that you are ready to learn more next semester.

Now being the helpful teacher that I am, I will provide a list of activities that you should complete before you return to school. Of course, in order to balance out the helpful aspect, I will also make the list compulsory, and require all students to have finised all assigned work by the end of the first week of term 3. So, Enjoy: