How Mr.G “Ruined” your Holidays Again (The Sequel)

Well, what a wonderful time – beautiful Melbourne winter weather, AFL season is in full swing, School holidays for a fortnight, No schoolwork to do, No Teachers to put up with…

Well, unfortunately, at least one (and probably more) of those statements is wrong. Funny as it may seem, the purpose of holidays is not to waste your time and let your brain forget everything you worked to learn throughout semester 1; particularly from year 10 upwards, it should be a chance for you to work at consolidating what you have learnt, and making sure that you are ready to learn more next semester.

Now being the helpful teacher that I am, I will provide a list of activities that you should complete before you return to school. Of course, in order to balance out the helpful aspect, I will also make the list compulsory, and require all students to have finised all assigned work by the end of the first week of term 3. So, Enjoy:

Year 10 Mathematics

  1. Review and refresh your bound reference – check that it is fully up to date with all material from semester 1, and that it includes everything we have done from structure and Trigonometry so far.
  2. Make an inclinometer for yourself. I have attached a sample plan here (inclinometer). Feel free to improve upon the design, either artistically or functionally (hint!)
  3. Re-do the Enrichment section of the exam – solving each question fully.
  4. Complete the assigned Mathematics Online Tasks
  5. The current unit is Trigonometry (if you need more revision: 1,2). Here is the checklist.
  6. Contribute to the Class Shared MindMap on Trigonometry (on – coming soon!)

Year 11 Physics

  1. Re-do the entire Unit 1 Examination; correctly complete *every* question, ensuring that you follow processes (Data block! Formula! Substitution! Units! Answer!) Physics Exam Semester 1 2011
  2. Ensure that you have a list of all Metric prefixes
  3. Complete your Parallax Hypothesis and explanation
  4. Complete your Solar Diameter calculations. *Remember*, this is intended to be a demonstration of data handling, accuracy of measurement, and uncertainty calculations…

Year 12 Mathematical Methods

  1. Complete all assigned Mathematics Online Tasks
  2. Ensure that you have fully completed Book Check 5 (Chapter 9) (link)
  3. Complete a significant portion of Book Check 1 for unit 4 (Chapter 10) (link)
  4. Update your bound reference and ensure that it is *finished* for unit 3.

See you in class!

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27 Comments on “How Mr.G “Ruined” your Holidays Again (The Sequel)”

  1. David G Says:

    May i respond to the Parallax hypothesis and explanation here? Or does it have to be written in my exercise book for next semester?

  2. Bernice Says:

    Hi Sir,

    When will you put up the checklist for chapter 5?

  3. Braden Says:

    Hi Sir,

    Will you be putting up the Methods Chapter 10 checklist soon?

  4. Damien Meyepa Says:

    hey sir
    about the inclinometer, I don’t quite understand the 3rd instruction when its says ‘Fold each piece in ½, and glue the “gun” section together. Cut the “viewing window” out of the 2nd piece.’
    Which part is the “gun” section and the “viewing window”?

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Damien,

      The section that looks like a gun when you fold it in half is the gun section. It is the larger piece towards the top of the page.
      If you fold the other piece in half along the middle of the page, there is a section to cut out that will hang over the protractor part of the “gun” section.

  5. Jana M Says:

    hey sir, i forgot my maths online login details. i think i remember the password but i have no clue what my username is. would you be able to post it here? thanks.

  6. Rares Says:

    Hello sir, can i please have the link to the online calculator that calculates the distance between the sun and earth at a specific place and time. You gave it to us before holidays but i don’t have it written down 😀

    Thanks! Peace Out

  7. Prathu Khairnar Says:

    hey sir,
    i tried putting the icosahedron back together, but i think i have messed it up, and i got left with few spare peices, and it looks different now

    is there any other way to rebuild it again? without u giving away the the secret

  8. darrren10 Says:

    Hey year 11 physics kids, this link’s really good if you wanna learn about H-R graphs. just look past the accent.

  9. Paktia Says:

    Hello Sir, came to your office yesterday, today at lunch, and after school, couldn’t find you though, is it ok if i hand my work in on monday?

  10. Larissa Says:

    Hai Sir!
    Um, Checklist for Chapter 11? Where is it, please?

  11. Nama Kadrie Says:

    Hey sir,

    Unfortunately, I won’t be attending school for the next four days or so due to medical conditions.

    Meanwhile, any homework perhaps?


  12. Nur Zahidah Says:

    Mr. Gritching… I need help…
    Well.. this sine rule is new to me and it’s really getting my head in. I fully understand how to solve them and everything, but I have a lot of trouble labeling the sides.
    Could you please help me?
    I’m trying to do my maths online work but I dont understand how to label them

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Zahidah,

      Try and see if this video helps:

      If it doesn’t, we’ll talk during the next lesson.

      • Nur Zahidah Says:

        Ahahaha that helped me
        I feel so silly… At first.. i didn’t know what to do when there were unknown angles in the triangle,so I was really confused with the sine rule. All i had to do was add them and minus it by 180. I always knew that. I was in a world of my own at that time 🙂

        Thanks for the help 😀

  13. Damien Meyepa Says:

    Hey Sir,
    In the test, will there be any questions related to questions beyond Exercise 5.5 so I know where I can work up to.

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