Leaving Nothing to Chance

So, Year 10 probability comes to an end. There is nothing left to chance – but you need to make sure of that. To aid you in checking that you understand all the material presented, I want you to check the following two files (1, 2) and ensure that you are confident that you understand all of it.

If there are things you do not understand – particular topics, specific questions or exact concepts, you *must* comment to this post listing what it is that you do not understand.

If you are perfectly confident with the unit, then you must write your bound reference section on probability. This is due Monday of next week (the 17th).

Good luck, but if you have studied probability – you know that luck is an illusion!

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2 Comments on “Leaving Nothing to Chance”

  1. Manar Says:

    Thanks for the chapters sir! They include alot of information which helps me to understand!

  2. Nur Zahidah Says:

    Mr Gritching, for the maths online tasks you assigned me… I have a few questions to ask, so can I ask you tomorrow in class?
    I’ve completed 1 and most of the second one… but the second one has a very very very very super easy example shown compared to the questions that I have to do..
    So yeah, I need a bit of help..

    I was going to email you, but I lost the card you’ve given me (or it might be in my locker)


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