Welcome to the World, Ethan John Grichting!




Ethan was born by C-section at 1:48 pm on the 28th of October. His birth weight was 3.545 kg (7lb13oz), and he is 47cm long. Mother & baby are both doing well.

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25 Comments on “Welcome to the World, Ethan John Grichting!”

  1. osmansevgi Says:

    Congratulations Andrew. Wish the best for you and your family with the addition of Ethan. Hope both Mum and Etahn are doing well. Best Regards, Osman

  2. Andrea Duval Says:

    Congratz Sir. Your son has quite a nice head of hair. He’s so cute.

    P.s I still think the name I said was better.

  3. Hussain Mirzae Says:

    Congratulation Sir. New Mathematician is born.

  4. darrren10 Says:

    Hahha congrats sir, have they told you his expected height yet?

  5. Paktia Says:

    Congratulations Sir 🙂

  6. Bernice Says:

    Congratulations Sir! 😀

  7. Prathu Khairnar Says:

    Congratz sir, future eureka skydeck – right there 😛

  8. Jack Says:

    Congratulations sir! Glad to see everyone is happy and well 🙂

  9. Ellayne Garcia Says:

    Congratulations sir! 😀

  10. Andrew Stimson Says:

    Well done Andrew!

  11. Cameron Barth Says:

    Congratulations Andrew and family, a wonderful addition to your lives.

  12. Tulin Says:

    Hey Andrew,

    Congratulations! Well done! Wishing Ethan John a fabulous life ahead 🙂 Enjoy your bundle of joy!


  13. Brendan Says:

    Congratulations sir! Hope all goes well and you have a great break for the rest of the year!

  14. Rares Says:

    Congratulations sir! Hope all goes well!

  15. Lei Says:

    naww…what a cute baby, I started to wonder how i looked when I was born xD congrats sir, hope you have a break too…we’ll miss you 😀

  16. Kalli Ioannou-Booth Says:

    Too cute for words!

  17. Manar Says:

    Congratulations Sir!!
    I would also like to tell you that my bound reference is lost.
    I am certain i gave it to you but Ms Gascall couldnt find it and return it back to me.
    Do you possibly know where it is?

  18. Lovleen Says:

    Congrats Sir,
    enjoy your holidays 🙂

  19. Ashraf Says:

    congrate Sir!!

  20. Namatullah Kadrie Says:

    Congrats Sir!
    Baby Ethan looks very handsome.
    Although I still believe you should have named him ” Einstein II” or “Socrates”.

    Have a good one, Sir!

  21. Nur Zahidah Says:

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww !! Your baby is sooooo cute !! and your son too 🙂
    what a lovely family!
    Congratulations 😀

  22. Brendan Says:

    Haha naww =D Congratulations Sir. I am glad all is well, makes everything better =D
    And I still need to see you… Are you back at school or will you be back at school this year?

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