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Farewell to Hampton Park

January 23, 2012

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, or heard through the grapevine, it is time to say goodbye.

I am leaving HPSC and moving to a new school closer to my home; with a new baby in the family, I need more time for my family and travelling to and from HPSC each day was taking too much time.

I have won a role at Croydon Secondary College as Head of Mathematics & Science and I’m looking forward to the challenge and opportunities of this new role.

To all the students and staff at HPSC, I hope that you have an enjoyable 2012 and a great future – I hope to keep in contact with many of you – look me up on facebook and say hi, or keep watching this blog.

Physics students are particularly invited to stay active on this blog – I’m teaching both Year 11 & Year 12 in 2012 so there should be something of interest. Please feel free to keep asking questions and contributing in the comments – you are most welcome, and the extra input will be helpful.

Mathematics students – there will be less for you in 2012 (I’m not teaching mathematics this year), but keep me in your blogfeeds – who knows when I may post something mathematically interesting/ insane…

I have been lucky to have worked with you, and I hope to hear what you are up to in the rest of your studies and lives.

Farewell to All,

Andrew Grichting.