Dealing with the Crunchy Stuff (Updated)

Physics is all about the *crunch*. Theory is fun, and dreaming up the “Why is it so” is great, but right at the bottom, it is all about real world data and using it to find out laws about the way the worlds works.

You may remember the movie “The Matrix” – the scene were Neo finally sees the world as a computer code – all the agents as human shaped green code. This is a great metaphor; the world can be measured and that data can be used to imagine the world.

As prospective physicists (should you manage to endure the pain of VCE physics, and complete your further studies), you must learn how to make your data dance – how to make your experiments reveal the meaning behind the measurements you make. We have looked at two powerpoints, one about graphical analysis, and one about error management and uncertainty calculations – these two presentations are embedded below. Take the time to go over them, and make sure you not only understand them, but can do it yourself.

This post will be updated over the weekend, but I wanted to make sure you had some materials to start. I also want you to post a comment on this as soon as you download the material, just so I know you can access it (that is *all* CMC students!)

Presentation 1:
VCE Physics: Analysis of experiments
Presentation 2:
And here is a link to the first work requirement for all students (I know that there is a link to the answers at the bottom, so you’d better be able to explain your working!)
As we have mentioned in class, you will have an advantage if you can use Excel to process and present data. Excel is a common program, but it is difficult to use for scientific purposes. You should visit the Quantum Boffin site, which has a set of three videos which will help you develop the necessary skills. (Find them on the left column of the page).
Year 11: HPSC Complete Radiation Notes 2012 are the initial notes you need to print off as soon as possible.
Year 12: Motion in One & Two Dimensions2: Here are the first part of the notes; please make sure you have a copy for our next class.
See you in class!
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24 Comments on “Dealing with the Crunchy Stuff (Updated)”

  1. Ruari J. D. McKinnon Says:

    Yep, got it. In what format would you like the solutions/workings etc?

    Cheers, Ruari J. McKinnon

  2. Prathu Says:

    omg physics!
    sir why did u leave HP 😦

    i am still gonna read this, even if i am not in ur new school 😛

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Prathu,
      Good to hear from you; you and any HPSC students who want to are always welcome here. Jump in and ask any questions you have. I moved on from HPSC because of my new son, and the need to have a workplace closer to home. I already miss many of my HPSC students; I hope you will keep in touch!


  3. Jeremy Says:

    Checking in to show I exist.

    Great blog by the way, So much interesting and (mostly) relevant stuff here!

  4. Jeremy Says:

    Also, would you like all three sheets there completed? Or just the specified linked one?

  5. Jake Moxey Says:

    Thank you for the powerpoint slides from last lesson that you put here, I shall get right into the worksheets and start some notes from the presentations! 😀

  6. Locky Hampton Says:

    started , when was this due by ?

  7. Kyle Dazenko Says:

    Hello, thanks for the slides.

  8. harshdeep theti Says:

    thanks for the slides i shall get them done 🙂

  9. jakemoxey Says:

    For those who are interested, as Kyle mentioned today, is a great resource for anything physics, math, chemistry, etc related. I find that the guy who does all the tutorials is really comprehensive and makes his explanations and concepts clear and easy to understand.
    Look up some videos from him if you get the time. 🙂

  10. Ruari James McKinnnon Says:

    Right, got all the recent ones i.e. radiation, excel etc.

  11. Ruari James McKinnnon Says: Some great stuff on here. I recommend it.

  12. Jake Thomson Says:

    Thought I’d leave a comment on here like you had mentioned.

  13. Jake Says:

    This is for checkpoints questions.

  14. Tim Jackson Says:

    i have forgotten the web address for the referencing site ? it would be a great help if you could comment what it is. thanks

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