Beating the System

So we are studying body systems, particularly the “responding” systems – that means the systems which control how we react to what happens around us. You may think you control your body reactions, but it is simple to prove that you don’t – just think of the last time you heard a loud noise or saw an unexpected bright flash of light. You reacted without planning to – a reflex reaction.

The two main systems we will focus on are called the Nervous system and the Endocrine system. In today’s lesson, we will be learning more about the Nervous System, particularly how it works; how it helps you respond to what happens in the world around you.

The nervous system consists two main parts – the Central Nervous System (basically the brain and spinal cord) and the Peripheral Nervous System (the nerves which connect to the rest of the body).

To learn about this, I want you to watch this VIDEO (click on the link), and then read the presentation below:

Once you have done this, you will need to read through this page on the Nervous System, or this link (SW9_chp11) to the chapter from your textbook (pages 254 – 258)

OK, now you have enough information to write about the nervous system. You can choose one of the following three tasks:

  1. Describe how your body carries information (a nerve pulse) from an event (a stimulus) to your brain and back to your muscles
  2. Describe a neuron (either motor, sensory or inter), including what it’s most important parts are (you might want to link to a good picture!)
  3. Describe the different parts of your brain

You must write at least two paragraphs, of at least four sentences.


When you write your comment, it won’t appear immediately (so no one can copy it!), it will appear after I read it and confirm it. If your comment isn’t well organised and thought out, you will have to write it again, so take the time to do a good job.

Once you have finished that, please complete the following tasks below:

  1. Nervous System Wordsearch
  2. Neuron Jigsaw puzzle

As you finish these tasks, you can take a screenshot by pushing the print screen button on your keyboard (it may be called PrtScr), and then opening a word document and using the paste option to put a picture of your work in the document. This will count as evidence towards completing homework!

See you in Class.






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3 Comments on “Beating the System”

  1. Prathu Says:

    hey sir,

    i need help, i need help with drawing graphs of sine, cosine and tan… i know u showed me in year 10, but i forgot, and now i need to practice it (well learn it) fast, thanx… if u have any good links or or anything that could potentially help me, in my understanding? thanx,

    i am struggling in the amplitude, and period thingy in the graphs (both sine and cosine)… is there a way to find the equation of the graphs in reverse?..

    like we do for the parabolas ( and “x” has two answers), is there an easier, or similar way… which involves just factorising and all?


    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Prathu,

      Good to hear from you – I like your design of your building. Have you done the structure calculation to investigate material strength for the construction?

      As to your questions, there are definitely ways to do what you ask. I’ll start by directing you to a few posts on Cyberchalky about this topic, and wait to see if that helps.


      Those should help somewhat; particularly if you follow the links I’ve put in them. Try them out and see if they help – and then ask more questions if they don’t. Who’s your methods teacher this year?

      • Prathu Says:

        thanx sir, see now it makes sense… in class i was so confused on why did they change the “X-AIXS” in “radians?” … started giving me headaches…but any ways, this helped thanx

        about the building thanks, i didnt investigate the material strength…fully, i have done some calculations but only on the supporting pillars and the exo-skeleton… thaats about it, i was not sure about the rest (and also seemed too complex to me, so i left it right there) according to the calculalions to far, the buildings stands alright…

        but anyways… hows ur new school now? miss the old hpsc? 😀

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