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Hi, nice to Media!

March 25, 2012

One of the main purposes of schooling is to produce educated, informed citizens – people who can think, interpret and make sense of the world for themselves. This idea, an “Educated Citizenry” is a necessary pre-requisite for a functioning democracy. There are many sources of information in the world – some are good, some are… less so. The media is a primary source of information for people to learn what is happening in the world; after all, you can’t be everywhere. To find out what is happening around the world you must read reports about what is happening. Just like any source of information, the quality of information in the media varies dramatically. Issues can be complex, and journalists may not have specific expertise in the material they are reporting on – and to make it even harder, frequently their will be the intent to “shape public opinion”, by providing information to the public that is only part of the story. This is often called “Spin”, but it is more honest to call it propaganda.



March 22, 2012

So it is that time already. Disgusting. Foul. Infuriating. Frustrating. Horredous. Horrifying. Hideous. Gruesome. Execreble. Cromulent. Abhorrent.

Oh stuff it – it’s Detestable – it’s Testing TIME!

Time to see if what you have been studying has been made any sense to you – and whether you can make any sense of it. You are as ready as you can be. It’s time to for one last surge of effort, then disconnect the caffeine IV, and get some rest before you have to face up to…


The first physics assessment outcome.

So here is one last bit of preparation – some practice test type activities to get your head in the right frame:

For the Year 11s: NUCLEAR TEST 2006

For the Year 12s:2002 Motion SAC3a

Sample Gravitation Questions for Year 12s: Gravitation Sample Questions

Remember – it’s for your own good. Don’t be a hater!

See you in Class!

ps. Best set of non-vulgar epithets in a comment below before the weekend will get a small reward…

Things that make you go BOOM!

March 9, 2012

This is just a placeholder post until I get more information up here for the Year 11 Physics students.

Here is a link to the notes:

Detailed Study Energy from the Nucleus CMC 2012

More to come!