All Systems GO!

So, here we are at the end of term 1. A lot has been covered in class this term – we started with some scientific processes, but quickly moved into body systems and interactions between systems, and have now transferred over to things that affect the whole body (so far we’ve looked at E-M radiation). We have quite a bit to cover yet, but before we go on, let’s ensure that everyone is up to date.

Notice that I wrote that “A lot has been covered in class” and not “we have done a lot in class”.

That’s mainly because I haven’t seen much work from many of you – something that you need to address urgently, because from the first day of next term, students who have not completed the work will be required to attend half-lunch detentions and JWOP to finish that work.

Here is a list of the tasks that must be completed:

First: Your Body systems interaction project – this is a CAT and must be completed to earn your ACE points. Here are some links (1, 2) that might help if you are stuck.

Second: You must complete the assigned class-work including the following tasks

  1. Do Check! Questions in SW9 on p263: q1 – 8
  2. Do Check! Questions in SW9 on p273: q1 – 9
  3. Read Experiment 7.1 in SL3 on p147 – use this as a template for your reaction time experiment
  4. Do Discussion Question in SL3 on p147: q1 – 3
  5. Do Questions in SL3 on p148: q1 – 4
  6. Read pages 159 – 160 in SL3; Do questions 1 – 5 on p160
  7. Read pages 114 – 115 in AAB; Do questions 1 – 7 on p115
  8. Read page 117 in AAB; Do questions 1a – e
  9. Complete Reaction Time experiment

Thirdly: Your glossary – this will be assessed in the first week.

That’s a lot to do – if you haven’t done it through term 1. If you think that you have a lot of work to catch up on, it may be a good idea to do more during the term, next term.

For those of you reading this, please notify your friends through social media that they may want to read it as well; otherwise they may not have much time during lunches for the first fortnight or so…

See you in class (and, some of you, in lunches)

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