It Fields Good!

Electricity is the defining feature of modern life; almost everything we do relies explicitly on control of electricity. Try to think of one thing that you do that does not rely on electricity, at least partially. Remember, that unless you are using candles, it is using electricity. Unless you walk there “in the altogether”, it uses electricity.

That’s all fine, but how many people actually understand electricity? Most people use it without a second thought – where it comes from, how it is made, and how it is controlled – yet freely express ideas that are, at the least, ill-informed, regarding electricity.

You will learn about electricity through this unit of study, from the beginnings, which is: Electric Charge.

I have two posts about this topic already (1, 2), and I suggest that you read them – and all the comments and links! – after you finish with this post. We don’t have a functional Van De Graaf Generator currently at CMC, so here is a video for you to see how they work and what they can do:

Now, go and read the posts linked above, and then test your understanding at the following links:

1. Electric Fields
2. Electric Field Game

See you in Class!

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