X marks the spot…..

Next time you are playing ‘Indian’s and Cowboy’s’ it’s recommended to not use real arrows.

Eleven-year-old Chinese schoolboy Liu Cheong was close to death when a 16-inch arrow entered his head.

The arrow was reportedly shot by a friend.

        The arrow entered his skull through the eye socket and lodged in the back of his head. Amazingly the boy was spared a fatal brain injury

With advances of medical imaging we can assess what is going on inside the body and this can help determine what further actions are needed.
This technology has saved millions of surgeries. Think about it, if you went to the doctors without medical imaging and told them your knee is sore, they may just tell you to rest. If you continued to go back complaining of a sore knee, this may have eventuated in surgery, cutting the knee open and looking for the cause and treating it.

Now days they would opt for an X-ray or MRI these provide detailed images of what is going on inside.

From here the doctors can determine the cause of the sore knee and plan appropriate actions to improve pain condition of the knee.

And if it’s a knee reconstruction they can perform this through “Key Hole’ surgery using an endoscope and cutting tools.

We have looked at Medical Imaging modalities. Remember these modalities give us information to examine or treat inside the body without cutting it open.

These advances in modern medical imaging and treatment techniques have help society and almost everyperson on this planet.

Now it’s your turn to tell the class about some further imaging modalities.

Monday is the big presentation day. For further links of information on your modality see the PowerPoint presentation.

Also included is my example presentation on Diagnostic X-Rays. Remember your time limit is 15 minute and you will be educating to a basic level so no equations.

Use you mind map and marking sheet to ensure you cover all point requiered in your presentation

This PowerPoint also includes material on Endoscopes and diagnostic X-ray that may be needed for end of semester exam.

Information on Radiation Therapy is for your own interest.

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  1. Locky Says:

    how many people will we be presenting to ? I’d like to know for printing .

  2. […] are two other posts on this blog, from prior years that may provide some help to you (1, […]

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