Follow Up Appointment – Medical imaging maybe needed?

 Upon our initial diagnosis I require you to come back for further investigations. This will consist of various procedures to determine what exactly is causing you pain. Please come prepared as this may hurt your head.

We have now covered Medical imaging in-depth and everyone has demonstrated good understanding of the basics. Don’t forget to understand one modality further in-depth for the exam at the end of year.

Below is a guide of knowledge and some key points you will be required to know.

Understand one modality further in-depth for the extended Medical Imaging question.

If you can cover all the points then this should be sufficient for the Medical Imaging multiple choice section on the exam.

For medical imaging key point you will need to know;

  • Which devices use radiation as a source and others that don’t.
  • Image recognition – You should be able to distinguish between an MRI, Diagnostic X-ray, CT, PET, Ultrasound and endoscopy images.
  • Safety aspect of using radioactive sources i.e shielding behind lead glass, TLD monitor.
  • “In-depth knowledge” on one device – for long answer on exam.

All main physics principals for;

  • X-ray – Production of x-rays through to image – Cathode, filament, Anode, tungsten target, characteristic x-ray, bremsstrahlung  x-ray, patient, scatter filter, phosphor plate,  film.
  • PET- Radiotracer – Positron emitted and then annihilated with an electron, 2 X-Rays at 511kev emitted at 180 degrees from each other, radiotracer can be attached to glucose to diagnose spread (stage) of cancer.
  • CT- Takes multiple 2D X-ray images 360 degrees around the patient then the data is processes to generate a 3D image.
  • Ultrasound – Transducer –emitter and receiver, basic Doppler Effect understanding, where it can and cannot be used to scan (Mediums it can’t travel through), emits ultrasound waves and the waves reflected back to produce an image.
  • Endoscopy – Uses, image acquisition (Fibres or Lenses), give visual insight to the body – remember the video of the spanner being pulled out of a patient.

PowerPoint from revision class is below

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  1. Tim Says:

    Mr G, can our summary sheet for the electricity unit be word processed or does it have to be had written?

    i didnt know where else to ask you.

  2. […] There are two other posts on this blog, from prior years that may provide some help to you (1, 2). […]

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