Yabba Dabba Doo – Rock world

Going back through to the rock age is a flat out task.

When you are rocking through the ages don’t try to compress it all at once as it might solidify your brain. Instead an easy approach over a few occasions will layer your understanding leaving clear remnant knowledge throughout each step.

Did you understand the introduction comment? If not read it again after you have an understanding of the subject knowledge required.

Rocks have provided great insight to history, evolution and creation of the universe. Such an overlooked, trampled on, thrown, mistreated object can yield loads of money for miners through to artefact collectors.

Australia is home to one of the largest rocks in the world too. Millions of tourists visit and pay a lot of money to see the rock each year. Do you know which rock I’m referring to?

So we have covered a lot of theory regarding rocks.  You should have notes on and understand the following;

The 3 main types of rocks.

Difference between Extrusive (Volcanic) and Intrusive (Plutonic) rocks.

Various types of Erosion.

Compaction and Cementation

How each type of rock is formed –Rock Cycle,

Layers of the earth;

What type of rock contains fossils?

Below is a PowerPoint Presentation presented over the 3 classes. Use this to assist any notes/knowledge you need to acquire.

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