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Fly me to the Moon!

June 24, 2012

Welcome to Year 10 Astronomy, Students, Parents and Colleagues!

This semester we will be doing many things – we have almost twenty weeks, so there is a lot of time to get into the fun stuff! We will be starting with:


Rockets are amazing – they are Humanity’s ticket off earth, and eventually may be a crucial part of the future history and development of Homo Sapiens. We are starting our study of rockets with some very simple investigations into balloon rockets. Balloon rockets (actually all rockets!) work by pushing gases out the back of the rocket – which due to Newton’s Third Law means that the rocket is pushed forwards!

Think about it – if you put your hands on a wall, and push hard on the wall, you move away from the wall. It’s not because the wall is attached to the ground (although that helps, because you can push harder!), it’s because the wall pushes on you just as hard as you push on it!



June 12, 2012

Bursitis Hurts.

Can’t write. Can’t drive. Can’t move. Can’t sleep.

Can (barely) type.

Physics unit 3 revision files: All tests

Solufion Files: Physics_Test_01 , Physics_Test_02 , Physics_Test_03 , Physics_Test_04 , Physics_Test_05 , Physics_Test_06 , Physics_Test_07 , Physics_Test_08 , Physics_Test_09  , Physics_Test_10

Revision lectures: MEC Revision Electronics Photonics , PHYSICS Unit 3 Motion revision lecture_Singh

Physics unit 1 revision files: 2010

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Physics Codes

June 7, 2012

Well, no class today for you – but there are still things to do. First of all, at the end of this post is the information I told you that you might want. Of course, being a physics teacher I can’t make it easy for you – I have to teach you something interesting.

Encryption is a fun mathematical process  Рbut it also has some very useful applications Рlike putting information in public view, but knowing that only those who are supposed to be able to read it can, because they have the key.

I have used a free online encrypt/decrypt tool which you can also use the link is:, and I have used Blowfish/CBC/Base64. The key is our where we have our classes at Croydon…