Physics Codes

Well, no class today for you – but there are still things to do. First of all, at the end of this post is the information I told you that you might want. Of course, being a physics teacher I can’t make it easy for you – I have to teach you something interesting.

Encryption is a fun mathematical process  – but it also has some very useful applications – like putting information in public view, but knowing that only those who are supposed to be able to read it can, because they have the key.

I have used a free online encrypt/decrypt tool which you can also use the link is:, and I have used Blowfish/CBC/Base64. The key is our where we have our classes at Croydon…

But first, some information about carrier waves. The main idea is that we want to transmit information across long distances – this information can be anything – codes, pictures, voice or video. The first way that was discovered to do this was Morse code – a sequence a short and long  bursts of static noise that could encode individual letters and be interpreted at the far end by a skilled operator. Morse code is still used to transmit simple information – in fact, some mobile phones still beep “SMS” in morse when they receive and SMS.

Morse code is very inefficient and very slow – we need better ways of doing the same thing. One of those ways is to use digital methods to encode (modulate) a data signal onto a radio wave (the carrier wave) so that anyone who receive the transmission can decode the data signal (demodulate) to recive the orignal information. You may be interested to know that the modem you are using (built into your home wireless router) is actually a contraction of modulator-demodulator.

You can find more information about this at these links: 1, 2. This movie is also good:

Finally, here is the code. Remember you will need to enter the right key…





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