Gettin’ Energetic!

We’ve done a lot of study into energy this semester. We are working through our STELR books (link to PDF), and have looked at the idea of Global Warming, Energy storage and types of energy, Efficiency of conversion of energy from one type to another and we’ve done quite a few experiments.

You should be getting the idea that this is all about energy by now – how energy is used, how energy is produced, how energy can be converted into different forms and how energy can be lost when it is changed from one type to another.

Some of you saw this really clearly when you worked with the first big experiment, looking at how we can produce energy. Perhaps when you saw the bright lights shining on the solar panel gave enough energy to light up a small bulb, or perhaps when you saw the big fan (on high) could turn the wind turbine to make enough electricity to run a small fan…

Wherever you saw this you may have realised that it is a very “lossy” procedure making energy. You may recall this video that we watched in class which showed how to calculate a number to represent how efficient different devices are:

Well, now it is time to start investigating how we make electricity for our cities and for ourselves – a project that we will be beginning in class (Worksheet 2 on page 27). But let’s do it in a slightly more fun way first!

A Game! Electrocity is a simple game – I wonder if you are any good at it?

Yes that is a challenge. I don’t think that any of you can even come close to beating it  (A’s for all scores), and I’m willing to bet on it. If you can beat it (and me!), and explain in writing why your choices are the best and why they are good, I’ll let you skip this project and one more small project  of your choice.

You’ll have to prove that you understood it of course, no spamming the game or abusing the mechanics…

Here’s Electrocity – Have fun – you’ll also need my ID so you can report it to me and show me your progress: AG28345

Good luck and see you in class!

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