It’s rubber glove time!


It’s a horrible sound – the snap of a rubber glove. The implications of impending future are… not enjoyable. You are  about to have a physics exam which is the metaphorical equivalent of a rubber glove inspection for your brain. You’d better get ready!

The best way to prepare is to do enough questions. What is enough? Well, about twice as many as you think you should have done.

Throughout the year I have been stating that I expect you to do the CheckPoints questions, and working with you through some of them, and have assigned some others.  Now it’s time for lots of exams. Here is the first link to the set of challenging questions I discussed in class (link: Sample hard problems for Unit 4 exam). Please remember that this is A3 booklet; you will have to print it off, fold it in half and staple it in the middle. Fortunately, each page has a number at the bottom which will help.

We will be using the Mastery approach to exam preparation; you must have completed the insight exam provided on Thursday before our first class this week.

Update: Physics Unit 4_Solutions

See you in class.

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