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Happy New Year and Roll Call! (URGENT!)

January 17, 2013



URGENT! All students reading this need to get started! Please ensure that you have commented as required before the first day of school!

Welcome to 2013, students of Melba Secondary College! I hope you have had a wonderful and restful holiday, because it is that time again – time to start school!

It’s a new year, and a new school for all of us. Some of you are already familiar with the senior campus; some of you are new – but all of us have a lot to get done this year.

Perhaps you are studying Physics or Mathematical Methods or Psychology with me (or even more than one; if so, you obviously have some bad karma to work off…), but regardless of subject, we have to get started.

This is the first blog post of the year – there will be many more, and this blog is a critical part of your learning experience this year. Anything you find on this blog is assessable, and your participation on this blog throughout the year is part of how I assess you.