Avoid making ERRORS in your ERAs.

Psychology-is-fun-psychology-22111146-500-372To get the right answer, you must know how to ask the right question(s) – and psychology is all about questions  – how to ask them, what to ask, and most importantly of all, why to ask them.

Psychology will teach you about how to think – and how to understand something about the way others think. The starting point for our studies in psychology is how to approach the study of people – their behaviours &  and how the mind is related to them – in a scientific fashion. To do this, we are working toward defining and working with variables, and forming and testing hypotheses.

This process is recorded in an report called an “Empirical Research Activity” (and “ERA”), and you have to write one – just in case you weren’t paying attention for the last 10 weeks!

For those of you who weren’t in the last class of the term, the details of the assignment as in the shared drive (link) – you will need your melba login to get access to the files. The assignment is due on the 28th of April (just about two weeks after we return). It is a lot of work, and you need to space it out – that is why there is the timeline document – which must be submitted with your project.

The ERA will be the most difficult part – If you are having difficulties, check out the ERA folder on the shared drive and watch this powerpoint:

If you still have questions, you *must* ask them in the comments to this post. I will be checking this post daily and answering questions.

Please also help your friends if you know they weren’t present on the last day, get in contact with them and tell them about this post!

See you in class (after the holidays!)

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