What is Psychology?

funny - science - psychology - count the children 12 or 13Psychology is possibly the most interesting subject that you can take in school. Why? Because it is (mostly!) all about you – and you are interesting, aren’t you?

This semester, we will be studying an introduction to psychology – we will be looking at what psychology is, what sort of jobs are available in psychology, how to conduct research in psychology and a few of the more interesting types of psychological specialisations.

There will be a lot of fun this semester, but also a lot of work. Please talk to the students of last semester’s class if you think it will be easy – it isn’t and you will need to be working hard to succeed!

The human brain is an amazing thing – the picture just above is an example – are there 12 or 13 children shown in the picture  – it’s a trick, but it does show you how easy it is to trick your brain.

Here is another example: A card trick. Watch the movie below, and think about what happened.

When did you spot the changes? What do you think it tells you about how your brain is responding to input?

What about this time? When did you see it?

These videos are also available on the student shared drive.

Finally, I want you to complete the following online personality test. At the end, you will get a “personal DNA” strip like this one (this one is mine)

Reserved Inventor

Once you have your own, you *must* make a comment on this post below, using your real name. In you comment, you must do the following:

1) Say why you chose psychology as an elective, including saying what you like about psychology, and what you hope to learn.

2) What did you see in the two videos – what does it tell you about the way you observe the world around you?

3) Embed your personal DNA strip, and comment on what you think about whether it suits you, and what you think about the test

4) Link to one other “interesting” thing that you want to share with the class (PG only!)

See you in class!

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34 Comments on “What is Psychology?”

  1. trent Says:

    1. I chose Psychology because it seemed like a good and fun class
    2. The first one was annoying because it kept stopping and it was obvious and the second I spotted the bear on the first time
    3. “independent analyst”
    4. I have asperger’s

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Trent,

      Good to see your response (I edited it a little bit!). Did you actually keep your personal DNA strip so that you could upload it?
      Remember that all tasks you do in Psych are possibly used in the end of term assignment, so it would be good to keep a copy if you need to/ want to use it at the end.

  2. Prathu Khairnar Says:

    For the first video I did notice a few changes while he was doing the magic trick. I noticed the table and the dress changes. But i did not pause the video and rewind. It was kinda in the corner of my eye, enough change for me to notice, but not enough importance for me to investigate and rewind.. I too busy focusing on the card trick. Hey at least I knew how the trick was done (deck swap, while the camera was not focused on the deck).

    For the second video, I saw that one before.. back in the stone age when I was small (unnecessary metaphor), so it kinda ruined the purpose. I knew exactly what was going to happen in that video haha.

    anyways nice videos, I always enjoy Psychology and the cool(retarded) stuff humans do 🙂

    P.S. I dont believe in hypnotism, I honestly believe they are all paid actors.. but then again, I never been hypnotized, so i cant speak on that.

  3. Darci Morton Says:

    1. I chose Psychology because I have an interest into the way we think and why.. I hope to learn more about our brains and how I can understand why people do certain things.
    2. The videos where interesting.. didn’t really see the things happening but I had noticed there was a change.
    I am an encouraging artist (http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=NvrojvUvcboDnUk-DP-ADAAD-af37&u=6f5d59309b3d). Seems like me anyway, interesting enough, I love doing these tests and seeing the results.
    4. I have a cold at the moment.. Woo..

    • CyberChalky Says:

      There’ll be plenty of opportunities to get some insight into how the mind works this semester. I hope you’ve not got the same cold I have. It’s horrible.

  4. Annie Says:

    1, I chose Psychology because I am wanting to pursue Paediatric Nursing in the future and having an understanding of Psychology will help me in this field.
    2, I did not realise any of the changes in the first video until they were shown. I also did not se the bear in the second video.
    3, My personal DNA strip says that i am an ‘animated director'(http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=RkWVkQHeUROvZWV-PK-AAAAA-1a5e&u=74a0025db6e6)
    4, I have had an interest in how the mind works from a very early age. (Sorry, I don’t really know what to say)

  5. Jamie-Leigh Maartens Says:

    1. I chose psychology because i am interested in the way we humans think, and react in different situations.

    2. The two videos i watched were somewhat interesting… In the colour changing card trick i didn’t realize that anything had changed until the very end, but throughout the second video i did noticed the moonwalking bear.

    3. My personal DNA strip had shown that i am a thinker.

    4. I share the same birthday as James Harden.

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Jamie-Leigh,

      I hope you kept the link to your results from the personal DNA result – it seems to be missing the first part. Please double check and make sure that you have the right result. I’m sure that you’ll find some interesting things about the way people think and respond in psychology – just wait until you hear about placebo and nocebo…

  6. Bec cumming Says:

    1. I didn’t really choose psychology because I wanted to do something else, but like most things, it happens for a reason.
    2.i had seen the basketball one before, but I hadn’t seen the card one. It was surprising.
    3. I got Animated creator for the personal DNA test (http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=WVXHkHQkYQUUbdb-HK-AAAAA-8387&u=3fe6f7dc1493)
    4. Something interesting is I don’t like spiders.

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Bec,

      I quickly edited your reply to include your corrections. You didn’t include the image strip from your personal DNA test – I hope you kept a copy of the link so you can get it again! You may be interested to know that we will be studying phobias shortly, so you may have a chance to tell us all about arachnophobia…

  7. Belle Weninger Says:

    1. i chose psychology because i thought it would be interesting and my sister recommended it to me.
    2. i noticed a few changes in the card trick video but no changes in the basketball one.
    3. i got concerned visionary (http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=SPNxPCYnDlsFdVe-FF-ADCDC-1631&u=f3e8c73bd80a)
    4. i color in drawings with alcohol based art markers…

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Belle,

      Psychology is definitely interesting, and taking year 10 is a great way to find out if you want to do more. Also, using alcohol-based markers for art is probably better than using colour-based art for alcohol, although some of the more transgressive art out there definitely looks like the artist was using a bit too much alcohol…

  8. Kahlan Says:

    1) I chose psychology because I have always had an intrest in how the mind works and people motives.
    2) In the first video it bugged me cause it kept stopping but I never boticed the changes and with the second one I did notice the gorilla whilst counting the passes.
    3) My personal DNA says that I am a respectful builder.
    4) Something intresting about me I guess would be that I have always had a fascination with how our body works since I was about 11 and have always wanted to persue a career in the medical business.

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Kahlan,
      There will be plenty to learn about how the mind affects the body – wait until you hear about placebo effects (and “nocebo” effects!). Hope you are excited for psychology this semester.

  9. bec crawford Says:

    1. i chose psychology because i thought it would be intresting to learn about the mind and how we act in different situations

    2. i saw some changes in the card trick and i also saw the moon walking bear.

    3.http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=GegQSTCxECGJFMZ-CI-CECBA-5b58&u=82b441ef865f#……im always open to trying new things.

    4.i had a fear of snails when was young

  10. Alice Says:

    1. i chose psychology because i thought that it would be interesting.
    2. in the first video I knew that something not to do with the cards was going on but I couldnt figure out what it was.
    4. I’m not really sure what I am interested in. I like sport and dance, I also like music and stuff

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Alice,
      Did you know that there is a lot of psychology in music – in the playing, the composing, the selection – basically every aspect? We may look into that sometime this semester.

  11. Nicole Bursill Says:

    1) i chose psychology because i want to work with abused kids and i hope to learn how to approach people/kids that have been through a traumatic experience.
    2) in the card trick video i didnt see the changes made and in the second video i also didnt see the moonwalking bear
    3) My personal DNA says that im a reserved inventor
    4) i enjoy the little things in life and am really observant which annoys people sometimes

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Nicole,
      That is a very admirable goal – child abuse is a horrific stain on any society, and we need good people to take that challenge and protect and champion the victims.

  12. Patrick Ross Says:

    1. i chose psychology because it was the only good subject in this block but also cause it seemed interesting to choose, i would like to understand what all the thinking is about in day to day life and maybe how to give someone a Psychological evaluation.

    2. i saw the card trick and i didnt see the changes, but i saw the moon walking bear in the background of the ad, it shows how easy it is to miss stuff our not looking for.

    3. I am a “Benevolent Thinker” http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=NSgjfILkOmFUcZa-AO-CDAAC-4cee&u=d0db2d173303
    i think that the answer that i was given was quite accurate, it was a pain having to do it multipul times.

    4. Slow Mo Guys: http://www.youtube.com/user/theslowmoguys?feature=watch
    The Fine Brothers: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0v-tlzsn0QZwJnkiaUSJVQ

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Patrick,
      They often say that many people studying psychology are often interested in evaluating others (and themselves!) – seems like this was correct in your case!

  13. Elysia Chambers Says:

    1) I chose psychology because it sounds to be interesting. And because it will give me an understanding of the mind and our behaviours and may help me in the future where i am following.

    2) I saw a few changes in the card trick. Also saw the walking bear in the basketball trick too.

    3) http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=RhIBJJFwonYOUXb-GA-ADDDA-3796&u=74d6a4080257
    Reserved Inventor, i totally agree. 🙂

    4) I am interested in all kinds of Spiritual things 🙂

    • CyberChalky Says:

      Hi Elysia,

      I think you will enjoy a lot of psychology – I also think you will find some of it challenging, and maybe a little upsetting. Remember that you can always disagree, but you owe yourself to think about each idea first!

  14. Caleb Woodward Says:

    1. I chose psychology because it is something ive always been interested in and would like to follow it as a career.

    2. i noticed the moon walking bear, and i thought there was something different about the card trick video but didnt take notice until i was informed of the trick.

    3. http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=VfuZNQTLcnTfrgf-PM-AAAAA-86fd&u=5482bf400a53

    im always up for a conversation but have i hard time trusting people.
    Im also an advocating director

    4. i dont know how to swim

  15. Alicia Ngauma Says:

    1-I heard that this subject was interesting and fun. I dont know very much about psychology but wish to learn more.

    2-In the first video I noticed that there were some major changes like the backgound colour, and other things but didnt quite pick it up till it was pointed out.

    3-I think the test was pretty accurate because the test does suit my personality.

    4-I would like to learn Maori (New Zealand language)

  16. Sam Adam Says:

    1.) I chose Psychology because i find it interesting and would like to learn more about how the human mind works.

    2.) i didnt see any of the changes in the videos, as i was concentrating on what they were doing.

    3.) My personal DNA strip say that i am a ‘curator’


    4.) I am against animal slaughter.

  17. sarah Says:

    1. i chose psychology because it is interesting and their are all different areas of psychology that you can choose from.

    2. in the two videos thing were constantly changing and that you have to be aware of what is around you.

    3. http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=UpXYxXEieuHrhZX-PO-CAADA-f3f3&u=ce4f62861c38.

    4. i do karate 🙂

  18. Bronte Says:

    1) I chose psychology because im am interested to find out more about how the brain function especially in children.
    2) In the two videos i did not notice what was happening in the back of the videos when i concentrated on another thing, this taught me that you can bee looking with out see in and that many things happen around us that we don’t notice.
    3) http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=QZXuSivRvecmhYd-LM-DADAD-17de&u=bcb7b2ab3290 my personality test showed that i am an advocating director, I’m not sure whether i think this test is accurate as that is not how i perceive myself.
    4) http://www.healthyyounaturally.com/edu/mind_eye_tricks.htm i find this interesting because it completely confuses your mind

  19. Lucas Pizzo Says:

    1. I chose Psychology because I though that it would be an interesting subject to learn. Hopefully what I’ll get out of this is knowing how psychology works.

    2. In both videos they got you to focus on one object. In the first video it was cards that you had to focus on and in the second video it was the basketball being passed by the white team. But what I didn’t see in the first video was that there were different colour changes during the video including the man and the woman’s t-shirt, the tablecloth and the background. I have the second video on my computer at home already but when I first saw it I didn’t notice the moonwalking bear because I was focused on how many times the white team passed the ball to each other. These two videos tell us about how we focus on something but sometimes don’t realise the bigger picutre.

    3. http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=sHYigTKnQhlDpUj-FP-CDAAA-9b2c&u=345e624ebdd2#

    I don’t think it really suits me that well. I think some of the strips don’t resemble me and I just don’t really see it.

    4. I have recently discoverd FailArmy which are clips of people just basically failing. It does have some swearing so I don’t know if it’s OK, but I’m sending it anyways just in case. http://www.youtube.com/user/failarmy

  20. Tehana Says:

    1. I chose Psychology as an elective, as I thought it would be interesting to learn more about how the human mind works and people’s motives.
    2. In the first video, I didn’t really take much notice of the changes, as I was focusing on the card trick. In the second video, I wasn’t aware of the moonwalking bear, as I thought the trick would involve the number of passes between the white team; therefore, I focused heavily on that.
    3. My personal DNA strip says that I am a ‘benevolent inventor’. I found the test intriguing, and I found that a lot of the things it said about me are things I have been complimented about.
    4. I love dancing 🙂

  21. Alicia Ngauma Says:

    1-I chose this subject because people said that it was fun and interesting and also because i was curious about the subject

    2-In the first video I suspected that something had changed but didnt pick up on most of it apart from the background colour change. I think that if we are focused on a certin thing/task we wont notice most or any changes going on around us.

    3-I think the test was accurate an suits my personality. Respectful curator.

    4-I would like to learn Spanish and Maori(New Zealand language)

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