Physics is *powerful* stuff

Funny - Science - Physics - Cat Butter 2An’ Yur OUTTA here!

That’s Area of Study One, Unit Four, Down! Now it’s up to you to make sure it stays down for the count, and that you’ve knocked it out conclusively – time for some preparation, a bit of (mental) exercise before final round, the Assessment task.

Some mood music, Maestro, Please: Link

OK, back to the serious stuff. Each of you are working on a common resource to share for the summary of this area of study, but you must also be preparing your own summary sheet (one page, one side) to be used for this task, and then revised for the next and saved for the final examination. Those resources are to be ready for distribution via the Melba Physics page on Friday, so everyone has a chance to use them over the weekend.

The first assessment task is a straight forward test – we have a data analysis task to follow. You know the nature of the questions we discussed in class, but here is a link to the cover pages and formula sheet for the task. There are also links to files that we used in class here (1, 2). Make the most of them – they will help you prepare if you make sure that what you are doing is focused so that you ace this task.

I hope you have all logged into Bored of Studies by now – there are essential resources in their to make your job easier. Remember that nothing will replace your own personal effort in getting prepared – no resource you can find or purchase will result in increasing your understanding, skill or mastery of the topic without hard effort on your part, but the work that others have done can help you make your own resources better, and your own study efforts more effective.

Finally, here are some screencasts about the current Area of Study that may help you develop your understanding.

See you in Class!

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One Comment on “Physics is *powerful* stuff”

  1. Brittany Says:

    Listen, I just recently stumbled upon your blog and it looks like you haven’t posted in a while.. I need to know if you are still active. This is amazing stuff you have here. Please tell me you still exist.

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