andrew-final.jpgHi, I’m Andrew Grichting, A teacher in Melbourne, Victoria. I teach Mathematics, Science (Physics) and anything else I get a chance to! I hope you enjoy this blog, and enjoy the seemingly random meanderings of a blogging teacher.


6 Comments on “About”

  1. Sam Green Says:

    heres where i got the cheap speaker from also is this using elctromagnetism at all? thanks
    Sam Green

  2. Sam Green Says:

    this was the cheap speaker i was talking about, im pretty sure there is no electromagnetism but im still not sure. perhaps you could shed some light on the subject? cheers from sam

  3. mrgrichting Says:

    Hi sam,

    I can’t see a lnik to where you purchased the speaker, so I can’t help! put a link in your comment and we’ll have a look at it. There are speakers which use different (non-electromagnetic) systems, but they are rarer.

  4. steven lazaridis Says:

    I did not understand when to use the mean,median and mode and what to use the mean median and mode for.

  5. Simone Says:

    Hey Mr. Grichting it’s Simone here 🙂
    I found this on the internet and I thought it was really confusing… I was researching for my Karyotype which is Chromosome Smear 9 (Leukemia) and it came up with this…
    hope u can understand it better than I did and maybe u can explain it to me?

    Embryo selection

    The parents of a five year old girl who has leukaemia are pleading with the Assisted Reproduction Authority to be allowed to select an embryo that will produce a brother or sister who can save her life. In an Australian test case Leonard and Celeste Ryan want to use IVF combined with gene testing (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD) to create and genetically select embryos that are a match for their five year old daughter Sophie, who has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. These services have recently become available at the Simfiscal Fertility Clinic.

    Sophie has already undergone treatment including intensive chemotherapy, where drugs were injected into her bloodstream everyday during long hospital stays. “To have to watch your child suffer through this is every parent’s nightmare,” says Mrs Ryan “Sophie just wants to be like the other kids. Now that she has had a relapse the best chance for our Sophie is a cord blood cell transplant from a matched brother or sister”. Mrs Ryan said that she and her husband wanted another child anyway, provided the child was healthy and if the child could help Sophie what a blessing that would be.

    If approved, the Ryan’s would create embryos using their own eggs and sperm via IVF. Following embryo screening, Celeste Ryan would have the ‘selected embryo’ (which would be matched to treat Sophie) implanted. If all goes well with the pregnancy, stem cells from the umbilical cord would be collected after the birth and infused into Sophie’s blood stream. Despite sounding simple, recent statistics suggest that only one in five IVF cycles results in pregnancy. In a similar case, an American couple underwent four IVF treatment cycles, and of five suitable embryos only one survived.

    In the ethical debate following the news of this proposal, critics have accused scientists of playing God in marrying genetic testing and IVF in this way and of creating “designer babies”. Some ethicists expressed concern that this child will not be loved for itself but simply for the spare parts provided.

    Dr Lance Simfiscal from the Simfiscal Fertility Clinic denies that this procedure is genetically engineering “designer babies”. “It is about diagnosis, treatment and saving a life, we are not designing anything” Dr Simfiscal said. Sophie’s father Leonard Ryan said, “it is very easy to conjure up all kinds of objections when you haven’t been put on the spot yourself. The desire we have to help our little girl is one of the deepest human impulses and people shouldn’t dismiss this so easily.” They ask if when the embryo is being selected it could be a male embryo with matching tissue type to Sophie.

  6. Mr G Says:

    Hi Simone,

    First of all, smear 9 is not leukemia! (it is the philadelphia transolcation. You will notice that chromosome 22 is also different)

    Second, what a fantasitc article! Could you please repost this comment in the “Your first will and testament” so other people could see it too? Can you also share the link that lead you to this article.

    Third, what the article is talking about is selecting an embryo such that the genetics of the child will be a match to the older sister so that cellular material can be transplanted to help treat her condition.


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