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Coach Carter Resources

September 13, 2013

I am away with sick family; my wife is back in hospital. I expect to be back next week. To help you complete the Coach Carter assignment, here are some links for you.

Clips & documentary:

Script & useful quotes (If you want top grades, I expect you to find your own relevant quotes)

See you in class.


Physics is a *moving* science

July 21, 2013

funny - science - physics - kinematics - don't be a jerk

Don’t start crying – it’s not about emotion, its all about motion. On second thoughts, you might want to cry after all – this unit we start pulling out the maths, and we just WON’T STOP! There is a lot to get done, and less time to do it in, but we’ve already talked about how much harder you are going to have to work this semester, so I won’t go into that any further.

The important thing to remember, when we are solving equations or drawing graphs is that PHYSICS IS NOT A MATHEMATICAL SUBJECT! Mathematics may be one of the techniques we use to model, analyse or predict what will happen in a situation, but the important thing is the concepts and theories underneath – you must understand the ideas below the mathematics. This is why the major task I have assigned to you so far is all about your “reading record”, not a list of questions. Keep in mind you must try and understand the “why” before you start analysing the “how” with the formulas.

This is not to say that you can ignore the mathematical components -NO! But it is equally important that you make sure that you understand both parts of the science – the Mathematical (data, formulas, graphs and equations) and the Conceptual (Theories, Laws and explanations).


S(light)ly confusing…

August 26, 2012

In our studies of light so far, we have review the basic ideas of light transmission, including the ray and wave models (link to a prior post on this topic here. READ IT!), and the ways light traveling as a wave can create interference patterns, and the amazing interactions of diffraction (link to a prior post here. READ IT NOW!).

You need to understand how diffraction works, and to help you with your preparation for your outcome, here is a simulation that will help you explore diffraction phenomena – you must take your time to explore how the factors of wavelength (colour), slit width, slit separation and distance from screen interact to affect “fringe width” – the distance between maxima on the projection screen. You may wish to use your explorations in the simulation to augment and clarify your notes on your summary pages. Remember that you may not include general points of theory or examples unconnected to the context provided on those sheets (Pages from Outcome.)


Electromagnetic Induction

August 7, 2012

This is a placeholder post. It will be updated after the outcome with preparation summary information for the exam.

Here is the powerpoint file: VU4ELECTRICPOWER2012


May 28, 2012

To All Year 12 Students – I have *just* received (at 2pm on Monday 28th May) notice of a Maroondah Education Coalition  Unit 3 Physics Revision Session. I *strongly* recommend that all of you attend. Here are the details:

Date: Tuesday 29th May

Time: 1600 – 1800

Location: Ringwood Secondary College, Bedford Rd. Rooms 300 -302

Presenters: Andrew Hansen (Ringwood SC) and Gurwinder Singh (Parkwood SC)

I will also be present, as an observer – I *expect* to see you there.


CO2 Science Experiment

May 24, 2012

To warm up or not too. Are we having a severe effect on global warming? We have looked at science behind climate change and learnt what keeps the planet warm – Greenhouse gases, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide and water vapour.

Carbon Dioxide is being examined in-depth. What levels of Carbon Dioxide do emitters actually emit? To reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide should we all hold our breath? Stop driving cars? Plant more trees? Or not worry about it?


Follow Up Appointment – Medical imaging maybe needed?

May 14, 2012

 Upon our initial diagnosis I require you to come back for further investigations. This will consist of various procedures to determine what exactly is causing you pain. Please come prepared as this may hurt your head.

We have now covered Medical imaging in-depth and everyone has demonstrated good understanding of the basics. Don’t forget to understand one modality further in-depth for the exam at the end of year.