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Boomology – The science behind nuclear explosions (updated with Tsar Bomba!) (updated again!)

February 16, 2010

The world was changed forever in 1945. The Manhattan project tested the first ever “atomic bombs” and the power that was contained in the nucleus was unleashed. The first ever atomic bomb blast was a test called Trinity, detonated on July 16th in New Mexico, USA.

It was called “The Bomb” and its effects still change the world today. The “nuclear powers” of the world are those nations that have (or are suspected to have) nuclear weapons. Ever since the first military detonation (Hiroshima), the nations of the world have sought to prevent the further spread of this deadly technology. Depending on who you consult, you will get explanations ranging from desire to maintain the nuclear nations’ political power through to altruism to remove the risk by destroying all nuclear weapons. The total nuclear arsenal of all nations is more than enough to destroy all life on earth many times over. Despite this danger, some argue that the nuclear bomb technology has been the greatest force for peace in modern history; that without it many more conventional (non-nuclear) wars would have been fought, or that World War two may have continued for many more years, resulting in even more loss of life.