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Tada! Data! (new data added)

April 29, 2010

Today in class, we smelt smoke a few times. This is your initiation into the “magic smoke” club. Regardless of whatever else you have been taught in science, there is a secret piece of knowledge that will never be taught to you by other science teachers…

Magic smoke is the secret ingredient that makes all pieces of electronic equipment work. The proof is that when you short out (break or burn out) an electrical component, smoke is released and the device stops working. Obviously, therefore all electrical components have smoke inside them, and when it gets out, it won’t work until you get it back in!

You now know the circuit secret! Next time you smell the smoke – try and catch it all and see if you can put it back in – maybe that’ll fix it!

So, your own prac will often let the magic smoke out – don’t worry, you now know how to fix it!

Data is below: