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Don’t get active, GET RADIOACTIVE

February 11, 2010

When “people” talk about radiation, it is almost always with concern. Whether it is “radiation from mobile phones/towers”  to “a bite from a radioactive spider” to “radiation from microwaves” the concern is always there. But what is radiation exactly?

Well if you use google and type in “define: radiation” the first response is:

Energy that is radiated or transmitted in the form of rays or waves or particles

So, for example, any object that gives off heat (a form of energy) is radiating! This means that you are a source of radiation!

But that’s not what we are talking about in this unit – we are specifically talking about nuclear radiation, which according to movies apparently causes things to glow green and possibly develop superpowers (exposing yourself to radiation to try and become Wolverine is not recommended!)

But this is not the way nuclear radiation actually works (suprise suprise, movies have gotten it wrong again. And again. And again! Maybe they should just give up…). Amazingly enough, after just two weeks of Physics, you know more about radiation than 90% of the Earth’s population!

Here is a slideshow that covers more than what you need to know (up to slide 34 is the end of the current topic)